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Monday, December 19, 2005

Why is the public letting the CAS's away with murder? Since when did a publicly funded organization just be allowed to be private and unaccountable? Why are the authorities and ministers allowed to do what ever they want without talking to people affected by the CAS's? These people are making decisions without any basis or thought to what happens to us, the public. Bill 210 is a joke of a law that is AGAIN, costing us thousands, if not millions, to put through. Is the government a sepereate entity from the public now? Are we in Orson Wells' 1984... has the government become Big Brother??

NO! So put pressure on your local politicians about how we are not being listened to and we are supposed to be consulted about where our money goes!

If we refuse to pay taxes, we go to jail. Yet our tax money goes to people and organizations who are criminals that are for some reason, above the law!

Something has to give and I'm mad as hell! I hope you are too.


Anonymous said...

The CAS has a very dark history of deception, lies and coercion. They have destroyed families and their clients have not ever been children - their clients are strangers that want other people's children. In Jeffrey's case he needed protection, yet this agency totally failed him, facilitated his death by allowing abusers to abuse him and they are responsible. It is more then time for those hateful, inept agencies to be held to account finally. Bill 210 is an insurance policy for those vile agencies to not be accountable in a court.

Anonymous said...

I read the minutes of the Ontla regarding Bill C210. The MPPs Hampton, Horvath, Martel, Pupatello, Chambers,Ecker, Bountrogianni, Baird, Chudleigh, Churley, Arnott, Levack .... all got up and sang the glorious praises of the legislation as a major advance in "protecting children."

These MPPs are obviously playing to the child welfare industry, the monster that now threatens to eat them if they fail to come through with its meal ticket. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of Ontario taxpayers.

I happen to know that these MPPs speaking are totally aware of the atrocities committed by these agencies in the name of "child protection." Their constituents have told them and now they plead ignorance. The blood of Jeffrey Baldwin and Matthew Reid is on their hands.

Truly, a sad state of affairs in Ontario but the voters will bring to them their revenge. The electorate outnumbers the industry. The problem is now within the consciousness of the electorate. The secrecy is gone. The truth is being said.

There comes a time for all good men and women to display courage. These MPPs need to follow the lead of these courageous concerned citizens and bring reform.

Anonymous said...

Well said the politicians FULLY KNOW ABOUT THE HORRORS OF THE SYSTEM. None of them have the "balls" to change it though. I vote for voting them all out if they dare to ignore this tragedy. Jeffrey Baldwin and his murder is on their shoulders as politicians. I hope that they read this blog, and that they KNOW that the public will not tolerate any further destruction of lives all to cater to a ruthless, mindless system!!! They need to stand up for change, and not revolve around those horrid agencies.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE stop making foster parents out to be villains who "want other peoples children".

There is a small percentage that are horrible but the vast majority of foster parents provide a very necessary service. Yes we pay them room and board and so we should. The only other solution is leaving them with their parents OR orphanages.

I am not a supporter of CAS and never have been. And yes they have the blood of Jeffrey Baldwin and other children on their hands. BUT dont forget there are PARENTS who have killed their children while NOT being watched by CAS.......

Matthew V. (BC) and the salsa dancer(Toronto) to name two.

Please stop criticizing foster parents.....would you have wanted to care for Jeffreys siblings for 3 years after they were hauled out of the house of horrors? Well Karen(foster parent) did rise to the occassion....hats off to Karen and her husband.

Hopefully these fine foster parents made a differnce in these childrens lives.

PS--I do not know Karen nor am I a foster parent.

Anonymous said...

Who is talking about foster parents here? But while we are on the subject. I have a few comments to make.

One can have 5 children in your basement and not be subject to the inspection process/ regulations of a group home. One can make $100,000 tax-free. One can get 2 weeks paid vacation a year and a weekend off per month. Volunteer drivers will pick them up and deliver the charges to schools and activities. Medical/dental/food and clothing allowances are given. The children can also be funded for extracurricular activities. Volunteers can pick them up and entertain them for you.

If one feeds them canned potatoes, spam, and canned hot dogs, one can maximize one's profits and if one enrolls these charges in a life skills program, one does not have to worry about homework or academic achievement.

Anonymous said...

RE: Comment #5--my reply.

The comment of the first writer "they have destroyed families............their clients are strangers that want other peoples children" tells me the writer is referring to foster parents.

As I said before there are some crappy foster homes but there are many good ones.
I know 3 good ones personally. These kids do not live in the basement. Of course they have free medical--it is called OHIP. Dental and drugs are paid for (probably foster kids parents had free drugs and dental via the welfare system--no difference there)...Food is covered in the daily allowance of $25 per day (approx depending on the childs needs) Volunteer drivers??? Give your head a shake on that one--they are few and far between--how could volunteer drivers shuttle 30,000 children (in CAS care) per day???? Why was Karen (Baldwin children foster parent) walking the children to school when according to you volunteer drivers are "readily" available? Why did Karen and her husband buy a larger van to shuttle the Baldwin children if the "MANY" volunteer drivers were sitting in their driveway waiting to shuttle them around???? As for extra-curricular activities foster parents have to fight like crazy to get CAS to pay for these. Yes they do receive clothing allowances for each child---but they have to produce receipts before they are reimbursed. Volunteers ready and willing to entertain them? What planet do you live on? This doesnt happen.

Once again I stand by my statement that most foster parents are excellent. They advocate strongly on the childrens behalf. As for putting them in life skills is funny you mentioned this. I recently met a young woman who spent her life in foster care. She VOLUNTARILY went into a type of group home near Guelph at 16 years of age. This home/school taught life skills.She said it was the best place she had ever lived and it was beneficial too. She made many life long friendships while there. The fact is many of these foster children are damaged when they come into care.....academics are not often sucessful. Should these children stay in school until they are 25 trying to get their grade 12? Do you know what a drug/alcohol abused child is capable of? I dont. But common sense tells me if one comes from a drug/alcohol addicted mother, or one was physically or sexually abused in the past we should be doing what is best for these children---even if it means life skills. Many can get through life with life skills and non-academics.Academics do not work for all children.

Please stop criticizing foster parents--they provide a very necessary service for the most part. I wouldnt want to do it. Would you?

MOST who criticize foster parents are those who have had their children taken away and associate CAS with foster parents. Believe me they are not in the same bed together.

Anonymous said...

Post # 1 is referring to the CAS they want other peoples children,
I also know a few foster parents, and they to are targets of the CAS, more often then not, if they do not agree with a worker, watch out.
But not all people, are doing it from the goodness of their heart. They are also not paid very well, I cant get a tutor for 800 a month.
Karen, was a yes, it seems, a great placement for the children, and look at what the agency did to her, her husband, and her children, its harm, its abuse, and the children ,they took, are not better off because of the removal.
The CCAS caused more harm to not only the Baldwin children, but also to Karen's children.
I know one foster family, that had a disagreement with a worker, and they painted her out to be a monster with a messy house, she had some dust on a container, it is even written up as so, dust!!! She was fired by that agency, not fit to foster, worried they come after her children, as well, they made the threat, but soon after she was hired by another agency, to foster.
Makes no sense to me. But she has said there are children in her home that should be in their own, and others returned she worry's about. But she has no say, what would she know, she is only a mother of 4 and foster parent, a 22 year old still living with her parents new to the job, knows much more!!maybe!!! Its not the foster parents, people are angry with, its the system, in the BC case the CPS ( like CAS ) where involved. More children do die in care, and not by natural means. They also may not be their because of abuse, take a look around. Hard to understand until it happens to you, but it happens daily. Take a look a fix CAS and the American web sites, there not all angry abusive parents. Many legal scholars, many academics from all fields have written why this system does not work, the problem is its making money,going to make much more. It has very little to do with child protection in truth . Sometimes its very hard to face, that things are not what they seem. The sponsorship scandal here in Canada, yes, and much more that goes on that is a rude awakening for a too trusting public. But that pales in compassion to what the government to closing theirs eyes to, child and family abuse, with tax payers money, and it will only get worse, if its allowed to continue.
Read some of the court documents. Have you looked at your local CAS buildings, prime real-estate, very expensive buildings, now go look at the group homes. And look at who sits on CCAS and CAS board of directors, do a bit of research, and what you find!! shocked me. Its corrupt to the core, and most people know that. I told my doctor, and she said well yes everyone knows it is. Hello!! I asked my child's doctor, she said you have no idea how bad they are!!! I called an out spoken activist, Health Canada scientist, they all knew, CAS was corrupt and removing far to many children with out cause.
I have been collecting letters, we need to all be children advocates, and understand what it means to be one, not just use the lingo they throw out.

Anonymous said...

I think it also depends how you define "abuse"....I believe when a baby is born with drugs in it's system it is abuse. This is often the case in today's world.

I wish to make one thing clear --I am not defending CAS or CCAS....I know they are a bunch of overpaid government workers.

I am defending foster parents as a whole though. Most are good and providing a necessary service. And yes they are paid? Why wouldnt they be? This is a major commitment on their part.

Yes families are destroyed when children are hauled out of a home over "allegations"-- many frivolous. Many (if not all) of these allegations are made by "birth parents" (via the brainwashed birth children)who have a grudge against CAS --many birth parents do not give a damn if the foster family is raked over the coals due to their false allegations.

I personally do NOT know of any children being removed from birth parents without a good reason. I have been around a long time and I have to tell you I know of not one case. CAS may have removed a child because of a "complaint" by a spiteful partner or friend but I do believe the children would not be removed and if they were they would be soon returned.

I spoke to a 28 year old mother of two young boys. She spent her entire life in foster care. She said she was placed in some VERY GOOD foster homes and she had some VERY GOOD (one in particular) workers. She said "Yes CAS screws up" but only half the time--the other half they do a good job.!" She told me of a friend who reported her to CAS out of spite BUT CAS did not take her kids away--they asked her to come to their office for a meeting which she did. After questioning she was free to go--her children NEVER spent an hour in care.

I regret to inform you we must agree to disagree...I am not so paranoid to believe that CAS is looking in my windows to see if my house is clean ready to grab my kids and haul them into care.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but the general public is more concerned about health care and education than they are child abuse and bill 210 (many do not even know what this is!)

As for the sponsorship scandal vs. child abuse. One is provincial and the other is federal.

I was born in BC and lived there most of my life. I am well aware of the Matthew V case ....there were many complaints (JUSTIFIED ONES!!!!) filed with CAS BUT the mother kept moving around so she couldnt be found....his mother spent her life in foster care but Matthew didnt. If he did he might be alive today. Believe it or not some parents DO ABUSE THEIR KIDS!!

I am not defending CAS--perhaps you ought to see who that "prime real estate" is registered to (cost =$15 approx) --they may be leasing it. As for the board of directors many are just rubber stampers who could care less about CAS and what the do or dont do. Children are not their concern. I voiced my concern to CAS and suggested they have members of the public (at least a few) join their board of directors--they were not open to this idea.

I too do not believe CAS should be profitable--it should be strictly non-profit. The public should be able to Vote for the board of directors.

Anonymous said...

Drugs and alcohol in baby's, yes very SAD. But it is also abuse to add Hg/ mercury. PHAs. PBDD/F. PFCs . lead, OCs. PCBs. residue from cigarette smoke, and so many more. Industrial chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides,found in umbilical cord blood, the average baby has more then 200 chemicals, known to be human carcinogens, toxic to the brain and nervous system, known causes of birth defects. What are the synergistic effects? unknown. Smog alert days are child abuse as well, letting children play in toxic waste sites, on play ground equipment, known to contain two of the most dangerous toxins. Child abuse. The government did not inform the public. Yes I know parents do abuse children, but we also abuse them with every breath they take, children breath deeper, and more often then adults, they eat more, they drink more, and have immature body systems, to help them detoxify the crap, we do nothing or very little about.
Ontario dumps more mercy and lead into the environment, then any other province, some of the money being spent to protect children, should have been put to good use, to reduce emissions, and enforcing the ones in place.Its child abuse.
Its all very sad. Vaccines, very sad. 1 in 13 adverse events, in hospitals very sad. Children are dying alright and its not from spankings, it the abuse of this government putting industry before public health, once again, for the all mighty dollar,
it is putting the child care industry ahead of all reason, for the all mighty dollar.
If CAS does a good job half the time, as the last post states, what is it doing the other half, not good enough, and we have already done children a great disservices, by contaminating there unborn bodies, there developing brains, with far more dangerous substances, then a hit of ecstasy, Not that I approve of that.
ADHD, ADD, child cancers, rare brain tumours, life threatening allergy's, AUTISM. and the spectrums. Where has this come from. The world is flat???
Autism is not a genetic epidemic, like some governments, has said so foolishly, there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.
Child abuse is epidemic, but it is not being perpetrated by parents, in many cases. The agency needs to be over looked, if they have nothing to hide, what's the problem. ???? Its clear they have a lot to hide, and so does the government. You can clearly find a way to protect the indentiy of the child in a court room, its not science, I can offer a few ideas, but it will not happen, there is to much to hide.
Ever try an FOI file on something regulated by the government,
very sad, indeed.
Its much easier to blame parents, when much of the behaviour their children are exhibiting, may be due to neuro toxins. not bad parenting. Anyone that questions what toxins in the environment can do, should look at Sydney Tar ponds, Social workers don't even enter the area, only now being address by the feds, children with birth defects, learning disabilities, early deaths, raging, families, so toxic, so sick so ignored, it makes me sick.
Walk around the Hamilton Bay, take a good look at the children, who live in the area.
The great lake basin, its all right there, Toronto and its infamous incinerator, a cancer cluster!! childhood leukemia cluster. Its abuse. and there is something we can do about it.
How many social workers have a clue about what is dangerous to children, besides parents, not many, I know ,I have asked them. I expect people who clam to be child advocates to understand a bit more then checking off a list, understanding the importance of not neglecting, to ensure placements are safe, for others peoples children . The police should be the one investigating child abuse.
Let the Social Workers deal with their own traumatic youths, in some other form of service. I cant think of one, that may be useful, most I have meet have a terrible sense of learnt helplessness. Again if there is nothing to hide, then open the courts, don't close them, and put a watch dog in before you allow absolute power, you know the saying it corrupts absolutely. Children have a right to nothing less. my rant for the week.

Anonymous said...

I find this rant makes no sense.

We cannot put children in a bubble to prevent exposure to pollutants BUT drug addicts could stop using heroine, methadone, crystal meth and cocaine while pregnant.

The other alternative would be BIRTH CONTROL.

I am not sure why this is so difficult to understand.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, I think the post made a great point, that child abuse is one hand being given a great deal of money to remove children for parents , Yet nothing is being spent to protect them from the abuse that causes many illness, in the environment, and there is something we can do about it,
that poster is. information, and demanding the government also protects children from industry toxic smoke, and waste, it just takes money. I think that person is saying some money should be spent on protecting children, from pollution, and we know they took down all that playground stuff, anyone ask why?. it just shows you the length the government goes in really not caring about are kids.I found it made a good point and tied in with the topic of protecting children from harm, and the abuse of the government not doing so. Yet all want to give CAS more money.

Anonymous said...

The post also said they did not think drugs were a good thing. That behaviour may be effected and the special needs children being taken into care, the cause could be linked to the toxic soup we raise them in. I have read about this a little, and many think the autism is from mercury, and vaccines, and the Children's Aid Society's have been taking many of the children into care, just because the parents could not afford it. But from what I read it cost at least ten thousand a month. who could. not us. I think we can do something about the pollution as well, drive less, and they banned lead gas because it harmed children and lead paint. It says to me the government says it really cares about children, But do they?. and education and Health care, are essential needs for children, it has to be balanced. Its not care for one more then the other, its looking for solutions, and how we fail children in so many ways. Parents abuse of children is such a small part of it. I did a many searches and read quite a bit about it, the Protection agency's all over the place are making a mess out there. And some of what I read was written by university professors, that do nothing but study this sort of thing. I also thought CAS would only take kids from parents that treated children very abusively till I read more. I have a better understanding of what some of the post are saying now.