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Friday, December 16, 2005

Some info...

I sent off the gifts for the children today. To arrive on Monday, delivered Tuesday. The woman at CCAS (yes, it's THEM who have to deliver the presents!!) said she would let me know what the kids thought of the gifts and when they were delivered.

Will hopefully meeting with the Ombudsman in January. If you haven't sent a letter of thanks yet, please do!

Keep writing letters!! They are making an impact!!


Anonymous said...

have spoken to the Ministers office, they feel it is the Obesman is not the right person to be looking into CAS or CCAS, He has to much to do keeping an eye on the government, ( all say) CAS is not a government body therefore cannot have a government agency as its watch dog. Its is about creating jobs , the bottom line is always money, I was told this. It will take people trained to look into CAS perhaps social workers, ( god help us all) There is no way as hard as the public demands it that this Minister is going to allow this. Amanda's grass roots campaign for Jeffery, ( and a good cause, if there ever was one, ) needs to be expanded to join the many other grass root organizations, asking the same questions, numbers may make a difference, out rage at what is happening to children in care, all children, also there needs after care, families that deal with false allegations,and are torn apart by the system, families that need services for there special needs children, should not have to give up there parental rights to obtain them ( some loop hole) The CAS routinely disregards human rights, and yes even the rights of the child. God bless the child that has it own.

Jeffrey's Law said...

I will be contacting the Minister about this. She has said she would meet with me in the new year, I'm trying to get her, Mr. Marin and I in the same room for a meeting about this. Hopefully no one minds if I am there to ask questions and represent all of you as well as the children the CAS's supposedly serve? Look forward to your comments and questions you may want answered from either of these people.

Anonymous said...

I think that Amanda, you need disclosure from the Ontario office of the coroner -pediatric section, under the Freedom of Information Act. Bring this to your meeting with Minister Chambers and Mr. Marin. I know someone who might have it already. I will make some inquiries

Anonymous said...

Listen, do what makes you feel like a better parent and send your message but try without slandering a family with whom you have no clue about how they are feeling. You have the choice to do this right and respectfully, it’s your choice.

Keep this on track, do you see the paternal grandparents or family up there awaiting a verdict? No, and you are not legally entitled to say someone else is guilty. You are entitled to your own thoughts and beliefs but why do it such a shallow and small minded way? Not impressive in my eyes nor in anyone else’s.

I do have plenty to bring to the table, do you have the time though? I see the only way to shut you up with your negative opinions and sayings would be to deliver facts with true substance to set your mind straight. I would love to sing it over and over to anyone who would listen.

To answer your indelicate question, yes, there was TOO much that could have been done. I would like to inform you that I was at Jeffrey’s funeral, yes he did have one, and it was the Kidman family’s choice to have him cremated. They had possession of him and this is why they are finally burying him. Really, you should get your facts straight and if you want to battle it out with me, I am game, just don’t pick on a family whose so heart broken.

As per Richard and Yvonne keep having kids, we have asked the same thing. CCAS finally woke up and done something about it this past year with the last child born, did you know this? Women, you know nothing in what is the cement that holds this family together. Mind your own and do continue to passionately stay on track with keeping to public’s eye open to abused children everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Who are you a neighbour or family member?