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Monday, December 19, 2005

Globe and Mail December 19!!

Christie Blatchford is AMAZING! There are some pictures in the paper today as well, so I suggest you buy one, it's too long to post... three full pages!

Thanks Christie!!


ph said...

Christie Blatchford is to be commended for her investigative skills and writing. She has provided a voice for those (the children both living and dead) who have none.

Her comment describing the CCAs handling of Jeffrey's file and the subsequent removal of his siblings from their foster parent, is most apt " on the one, extreme institutional sloppiness, on the other, the harshness of zero tolerance".

The CCAS is a bureaucracy out of control. Large organizations such as the CCAS can loose touch very quickly when the culture of "cover your own ass" takes over. The organization needs to be overhauled...and quickly for the sake of their charges.

Jeffrey's Law said...

Agreed, 100%. Chrisite is a dedicated, wonderful woman who doesn't join the proverbial 'media train'. She hasn't forgotten about Jeffrey. All the other papers seem to write what has to be written then on to the next story. Huge kudos to Ms. Blatchford for telling it like it is- WITHOUT waiting for the trial to be over which is the excuse given by government and the CCAS! We want answers NOW!

Anonymous said...

Christie Blatchford wrote a great article on the two teens that drowned their mother it was very moving, in fact it moved me to tears. I think she should win an award for that article did anyone else read it, very human, she reminded us all, that people are not perfect, and that this mother loved her children. It reminds us all not to be so judgemental. great work.
the Minister waiting for the case to be over is an excise as well, in hopes we will all forget, it is not only the CCAS it is also the CAS and the many people it employs. to the government children are second class citizens, they have no voting power, no earnings to tax. The parents how ever do, or cut cost by removing welfare and child benefits, services they don't have to pay for that parents advocate for. Social Work Child protection industry is HUGE, it reaches into every corner of society. In the name of protecting children. But think of the jobs this creates, its about the economy, its about reduced liability, who is liable for this Childs death, who is liable for Jeffery's death, and so many name less others, the suicides in care, the suicides of parents that have lost children,lost jobs lost mental health, no one writes about that, but it happens everyday. The child is NOT their first concern, if so they would make CCAS and CAS answer to the crimes they commit with impunity. False twisted allegations, the family courts are full of them. A women has her children removed because her two children age 5 and 6 saw each other in the yard by a wading pool undressed, give me a break, some child advocate at a hospital also on the CCAS board, actually had the family charged, and CAS took the children, they were now in there pre teen and teen, as well as the younger children, they had to go though sexual abuse examines, Harmful you bet. nothing happened. When that did not work, they played the messy house trip,and the house was not a mess, then moms mental health, nope she was not the one that was in need of mental health care, but I have concerns for the doctor child advocate that thought young nude siblings equals sexual abuse, even the police were laughing. This went on for years, and cost the family a great deal of stress a death sudden death of a young grandfather from a heart attack, watching his child and son in-law and grand children go though hell. It cost us all money, the judge finally told the CAS off, and to get the kids right away. But how often does that happen.? Who will pay for the trauma the children had to go though for sexual abuse examines, the loss of a grandparent from stress, the end of a marriage, the financial hardship placed on the parents, who is responsible. the system is.The government is. that would allow such foolish bills to pass. I am speaking with many parents, hearing stories that are heart breaking, reading their court documents, their parenting capacity test, they never pass, because they state you can screw the results by being to nice and fooling the examiner. Give me a break, look at the collage of physicians and surgeons wed site, it reads like the nation enquirer, doctors sexually abusing children, psychiatrists sexually abusing patients, its known that many people that go into psychology, SW and most shrinks, have many personal problems, it is also NOT NOT medical science, it fads come and go, and the heath care system and courts and media get swept up into it. Its now big on child abuse and maltreatment, all the children's hospitals have programs that look do only this, look for abuse where none exist, to provide more services to their colleges, and on and on, this is all part of the HUGE industry, SCAN CAPS CYPT. Billing OHIP for there lies, there twisted truth, two children nude under the age in their back yard, sexual abuse! When the staff that wrote that one up at one of the hospitals, were confronted, they changed their tune. satanic ritual abuse, how many children were taken by CAS, and family's, daycares lives ruined,a yes a few suicides, it did not happen it was a product of this same profession that write all this crap on child abuse. The lawsuits in this country are still going on. Repressed memory's, oops another one. Multiple personality's , great stuff for movies, but real, nope, crossed that one off the list, MTBP, is now a big one, given the mess are medical system is in,moms in alarming numbers now have MTBP. As the UK main shrinks that came up with the term and so called disorder,is discredited, as are many others in the UK and the US, the famous case that made the press in the US, mom lost her child, later died in care by the very symptoms the mom was accused of causing. But that did not make the headlines. In the UK however it is, and no shrink in their right mind LOL would dare use it now to have a child removed. SIDs parents took the rap for SIDs many went to jail, if their was more then one in a family it was murder no doubt, Medicine has just found that SIDs may be genetic.
This is breaking medical news.
The systemic abuse of this CAS and CCAS is fed by the machine of psychology and psychiatry, that in it self is cause for concern. Not that all is bad in that field, but their involvement in this industry helps feed the monster, it goes on and on,
So who are the protectors, who is responsible for this ugly dark, closed door system, the people that fund it. And it is not by a willing public. Children are indeed at risk, they are at risk by this industry and the government that refuses to THINK , long post sorry I had to deal with my multiple personality disorder, slapping my own wrist because the other wanted to write, then light some candles as the children walked by the house, casting spells, Worship the devil for a bit, try not to let my repressed memory's of winning the lottery and having my ticket stolen, by who ever, and flash backs of being dumped into boiling water on a stove, by my mommy, as she tried to cook me and my siblings all nude, for a treat, with her crooked nose and black hat, wait my other personality so telling me that was Hantzel and Gretal. Now I have to run down to the market and pick up some radio active iodine, to feed my child for supper. dark humour, yes but not to a SW or a psychologist, or psychiatrists, this would be fascinating a new disorder, call it , parent citizen, fed up syndrome, caused the lies, and games ,being played out in the name of child protection. Treatment, well !!!

children abuse, child murders, please someone listen, CAS is harming children, it needs to stop. Lets get out and have a rally. And let not forget this latest child, and very young teen also both now gone, thanks to the protection offered to children in this province.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to say the last long post is inaccurate - but unfortunately it is not. CAS is a nightmare of unimaginable evil. The Ontario government is complicit in abusing children, parents and families for all the reasons the writer has indicated. Please spread the word to others you know - the more people become aware, the greater the chance that this revolting system will be scrapped.

Mandy said...

I have read Christie article carefully. One of those original sibs was saved. Maybe this happened to Jeffrey because he was a normal child, like her. Maybe he was a little rebellious. I do not understand why some of the children were targeted and others were not. Stupidly I wondered if there was not something wrong with Jeffrey, maybe it was the reverse.

Someone with a good heart saved her and moulded her into the person she is today. She needs to do the same for the remaining children today. She needs to fight for their rights.

She has a vested interest in remediating the wrongs that were done to her and her brother over 20 years ago. Maybe this new generation of children will turn out like her to have a good life. Someone has to save them from the revolving door of fostercare. They need permanency and contact with their remaining normal sibs. Afterall, they share genes. The biological ties bind them together.

I would tell Christie to keep trying to bring this forth. She is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...


I think it's important to distinguish between the system (and society) that existed at the time Eva Bottineau's daughter was a child and what's in place today.

Twenty years ago, the child-welfare industry did not exist as we know it. It's only in the past decade that CAS abduction rates have exploded so dramatically. Elaborating on the events and conditions that have created the corrupt system we have now could easily fill a book, but the bottom line is the odds of any positive outcome occuring now are heavily stacked against children. The treatment of Karen, the siblings' foster mom, is only one small example of what I mean.

I agree that a special person can make all the difference in a child's life. In most instances that would be the parent - not an impersonal and unaccountable bureaucracy that collects government bounties on kids'heads.

The vast majority of children should not be in CAS custody. CAS is an artificial, unnecessary and destructive culture with no inherent value. It relies on a steady stream of victims to survive. Demonization of parents is an essential part of the process.

Children are far more likely to benefit from individuals and organizations that are completely outside its sphere. Where needed, direct assistance to families would be far more effective and less expensive than supporting this broken and out of control system.

Anonymous said...

Worth noting--The two children of Elva Bottineau's first marriage were abused by Kidman and put up for adoption. I believe they had no contact with bottineau or kidman afterwards but merely contact between themselvs--perhaps they were in the same adoption home?

Anonymous said...

Why do rapists rape 80 year old women??

There is no rhyme or reason for Jeffrey and J. to have been tortured by the grandparents while the other children were not.

As for the way things were done many years ago being different than today I agree. But remember often children were handed over to CAS voluntarily (due to financial reasons etc) and these same children were adopted as BABIES. Today things are different. Babies are seized by CAS and it takes months and sometimes years for these same babies to be officially adopted if it happens at all.

Today we have more "rights" than 20 years ago. If you go back 35 or so years ago welfare didnt exist. There is no point living in the past.

The fact is there are parents that are unfit to parent. Some are drug addicts, alcoholics or other issues. The problem is many CAS workers are not watching the foster homes.

On the other hand there are MANY excellent foster homes in Ontario. These foster parents put themselves in vulnerable positions to help these many children coming to them with problems.

Karen was one of those many excellent foster parents--can you imagine taking Jeffrey's siblings in for 3 years after what they had witnessed? These children were severely troubled and I am sure she made a difference in their lives.

Of course that situation was not to be...CCAS overreacted on that case.

Sad for the children really. The only hope for these children now is adoption. I do not believe for one minute they should be returned to their "family"--the same ones who stood by and watched Jeffrey starve to death.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect I think you missed the point, on Mandy's and the posting below hers where trying to make. No one is suggesting the children be returned to the criminals, but perhaps, the two young children saved years ago,from that family and have gone on at least from the what I read, the young girl now a mother herself, is doing well, she shared the same abuse, she managed to live though it, and was removed thankfully. it is her many is referring to. I am sure she is heart sick by what happened. and post traumatic. This is one of the sickest family's I have ever heard of, ( wish I did not) makes you want to wash your mind out with soap, to get the disgusting details out. We ban pit bulls, don't we. They shoot horses, what would suite this crime, the punishment will never measure the crime in this case.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mandy's posting.

I respect your opinion, howevr, who says this "adopted" Bottineau child of years gone by wants anything to do with this entire situation today?

They do have genetic links--one had Bottineau as a mother and the other as a links to father though.

Both children were adopted--probably to a good home which saved them. She doesnt know Bottineau's grandchildren at all. These grandchildren are confused enough. The real solution (which probably wont happen) is adoption of all 3 children NOW while there is a glimmer of hope. And YES I do believe most (if not all) adoption homes are good providing they are not related.

Sometimes it is better to go forward in life and unfortuately that sometimes involves leaving your past behind.

Anonymous said...

some post against kin adoption, as a parent of an adopted child, and it was a kinship adoption, it has been the best thing for all involved, not all family's are Jeffery's, In are case there was not an abuse issue, just a young relative, that choice before the birth of her child, for her own personal reason, that it would be best if her child was adopted, and hoped someone in her family, would honour her wishes,we did. we are not her parents but relative.
This has been a blessing for the child, she knows her natural mom, she love us, her birth pictures include us all, so do many family photos, and it is not confusing, to her, and her natural mom does not grieve her loss, as she sees her. And we have been doing this for years, its a wonderful blessing.
I believe,that children, always do better if they have family ties, not all situations regarding adoption mean child maltreatment. Many grand parents are raising there grandchildren, and many because the natural parent did have problems , but not all children in care, are there because of abuse.
We need to be very careful, so many apprehensions, for very little cause, look at what that foster mother was accused of,( Karen the foster parent of Jeffery's siblings) parents are treated worse, for much less, and SHE did NOTHING wrong.
If those were her own daughters, she would be fighting in court to get them back, for what , risk of picking up your toys,time out, not allowing them to watch to much TV, good for her. Parents daily are losing children in Ontario for much less, I am not kidding you. It is a mess, call the family court lawyers. Most family's are terrified to speak out, many cannot because they will have more cause to keep the children if identified. Its all wrong. Its need to be over haled. Jeffery and his siblings, life story and his tortured death is worse then any horror movie writer could have come up with. But it is also the extreme rare case. They do happen, but not often, we rarely hear about all the children that die in care or group homes. That is much more common.
All studies show, children do better, if they have ties to biological family, ask the children that have grown up in care. There are dysfunctional family's, and in some cases the parenting is modeled, but not all. The Baldwin clan is not a very common finding, this so called family,is insane
. And they did come to the attention of the agency,and nothing was done, of course they should NEVER have been given the grand children.The represented cheques, not human life to be cherished.
But I know many grand parents raising there children's, children and doing an amazing job at it.
Situations need to be looked at individually.
A child is more likely to be murdered, sexually abused, abused in many ways by someone that does not have ties to them, no bond,
static's bare this out, they always have.
I do not believe that 3 year old child, that was just murdered in care, would be dead today, if he was with his mother, even in her messy house. Her crime was she grew up in care. They know care is so bad, that they don't trust someone to ever parent after being protected by the CAS one has to wonder why. The system , needs to be looked at, they need less power, perhaps then they can concentrate on where they are truly needed. And open court houses, you can still protect the child identity, allow the Ombudsman's to over see CAS. And define what truly is abuse and what is not. Have you ever had a dishes in your sink? Have any of us ever given our children a time out, have we ever raised are voice,? anyone with a history of depression, PMS, a medical illness, a child with special needs, have you had to advocate for your child, many normal things we all do are being twisted by the child protection agencies. Its time for reform, only then and only then will be protecting children. I don't think this government has the balls.

Anonymous said...

It depends why the children are being adopted by it because the birth mom is too young? Is it because she cant afford to raise a child? Is it because she has mental health or drug issues? If so family adoptions are a good idea.

However if it is because she abused the child that may be different. Where do you think we learn our parenting skills from???????

The Bottineau/Kidman/Baldwin clan are not insane. They are manipulative and a lot of other things though insane is not one.

While on the topic--many of these family adoptions are PAID too. They are called subsidized adoptions and while questioning foster parents we might look at kinship adoptions too. Would they adopt this relative if they werent paid?

Despite this--assuming the child is with relatives who care about them they are best with family....this is assuming they are capable.

Many are not.

Joe, Mike, and Mandy said...


Re "Religions seek funding for their schools in Ontario," (Nov. 17): All schools should be public and that's the end of it. If you want your children to have religious-based education, pay for it yourself! Instead of the government funding everyone, the government should not fund any faith-based school.

Amanda Reed


(Liberals don't want to risk alienating supporters by tinkering with the system)

Anonymous said...

The reason some schools aare publicly funded (catholic) is it is in The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Other religions are not covered.