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Monday, December 19, 2005

Please send letters...
the above is the link to Christie Blatchford's article in today's Globe. Please send letters to the editor of the Globe at:

Please make reference to Christie's article or they may not print it.

and / or to Christie directly thanking her for her amazing work at:



Joe said...

Christie has done an amazing job. Keep up the good work. The families of Ontario are a bit safer today. Kudos also to Amanda.

Mandy said...

Matthew Reid was in a wonderful foster home. Did Mr. Charron see the pictures in the news of the place. It is a dilapidated house in a bad part of town.

My child was imprisoned in a similar place, a basement in the worse part of town and fed canned hot dogs, spam and canned potatoes. I choked from the smoke everytime I went there. Everytime he opened the little window, the grownd water flowed in.

The foster mother used his clothing allowance money to finance her wedding- 4th marriage.

I guess the government calls this
"the best interests of the child."

Anonymous said...

I've sent my e-mails to Christie and the editor!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Mandy, I was shocked by the photos of Matthew's "excellent" foster home - exactly the type of place that CAS would seize children from on the pretext it was dirty and delapidated.
Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Welland CAS' Executive Director seems unaware of the hypocrisy of his statements.

Jeffrey's Law said...

I don't understand, was the house nice or not? I haven't seen any pictures of it or read anything about it in the papers! (because not much has been written! I don't watch the news though)
Was it not a foster home for troubled teens? Why was a three year old placed there??
I'd love to buy a huge house and be a foster parent and I'd do it in a second if I knew the CAS wouldn't screw me over! (and because the kids leave... how sad and hard that must be for GOOD foster parents!)
Please let me know anything anyone has on this case!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,the house was a mess, in a bad part of town, broken windows, it was a foster home, I will send you the news clips I thought I did, sorry, he was not being surpervized clearly. A young 14 year old one day out of a group home for troubled teend should not have had acess to a 3 year old child, if indeed she did cause his death. In a case such as this, it is the only one I would question. The teen was menatlly ill, perhaps from the years in care, perhaps abused in care herself. Once again the CAS should have understood, troubled teenages and one young toddler, should not be housed in the same foster home. It cost this child his life, his young mom is grieving she was trying to get him back, she herself was a crown ward, with a history of deperssion and big deal a messy house. neither would have caused his death. The young girl that is accused of his murder, her life is now also ruined, if she was to mentally ill to know what she was doing? was she sent to the foster home to early, because treatment homes are expensive, was she on prozac or the like, many of them are, and the drugs have a known adverce effect in especcially teens to increase suicidal tendency, and rage. We may never know what happened for sure, What we do know is it was not the right placement for him, and he was not being surperviced. Nor was she, and she also needed to be. The foster home yes looks worse then any home one would lose their child in for being messy, it was dangerous looking, broken glass?? peeling paint on the rail of a very old house, ( likely lead paint)and a shack. Great foster home. the double standerad again.

Anonymous said...

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