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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I received a fantastic letter today from Waterloo-Wellington MPP Ted Arnott. He also attached a letter he sent to Ms. Chambers requesting her consideration of the ombudsman's proposal as well as a letter he sent to the Social Policy's clerk, asking her to forward my letter to all members of the SP Committee! (which I have already done, but it was a nice gesture!)

Hopefully the feedback from members will continue to be positive!


Jeffrey's Law said...

Dear Mr. Arnott

I am a conserative, who lives in Aurora and ( voted conservative - but that changed
with the famous switch that Ms. Magna did earlier this year)

I am just writing to applaud your efforts on bahelf of Amanda Reed's request ( and
many others) to support an investigative party to monitor and control the dealing of
the CCAS and the CAS- The children of Ontario, and every province in Canada is our
future. Many children are at true risk due to the circumstances of their birth. The
CCAS and the CAS are the institutions set up to protect them, and my tax dollars
pays for this. However, since the Jeffrey Baldwin Trial and Amanda's & Media
investigations have drummed up, these institutions do not hold any responsiblity when
their decision making goes terribly wrong as in Jeffrey's case.

All I can say, is that is is absolutely appalling the way the system works for the
ccas and the cas and all 53 centers . I do not support this and do not want to see my
tax dollers go to an institution that performs without control or consequence for
their lack of investigation skills.

I am very happy that you too feel this is an important issue and hope that you will
remain committed to seeking a change in how these operations are run - They need to
be held accountable for their role in Jeffrey's death. ( as well at Sara's and
Jorden's and the others we do not yet know about- including the most recent 3 year
old in Wellend ON)

Pointing the finger and excuses no longer wash with this Canadian.

Regards, and Happy Holiday's Mr. Arnott

A caring parent who is fed up with reading about children in our beautiful country
dying due to negliance by our current social protection agency!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Mr Arnott, lets hope the message can be sent wide and heard, and supported, its a good start. We cannot sit back and wait, this bill is being pushed quicky, it should have more public in put, 3rd reading is when anyone know. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

On Jeanette Lewis in the Globe and Mail today.....

Ms. Lewis's comments are unbelievably arrogant and insensitive to what is now
happening at Queens Park. The Toronto CCAS effectively killed Jeffrey by leaving him in that "hell hole" of a house.

Inspite of Elva's earlier role
in the death of her daughter, the Toronto CCAS give this woman a job as a child care worker with their organization. . They gave her custody of all her grandchildren whom she starved and abused. She regarded these children as meal tickets. I would ask "Who was Elva involved with at the CCAS that she could manipulate this"? It would seem that she had connections there.

Ms. Lewis now proposes a solution with more authority, money, and absolute power for her little business. Instead, I would say that the Legislative Assembly needs to review the entire process and revamp the entire structure.

Bill C210 needs to be taken back to the Ministry for revision as it is seriously flawed. Ms. Lewis needs to give her head a shake and to get her facts straight as to who were the pretrators and who were the victims.