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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Please write the Chief and Deputy Chief Coroners thanking them for calling an inquest. They could have ignored it, they could have been in bed with CCAS, but they didn't and they're not.

Dr. Barry McLellan, Chief Coroner
Dr. Jim Cairns, Deputy Cheif Coroner
Office of the Chief Coroner
Coroner's Bldg, 2nd Floor
26 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2G9
Phone: (416) 314-4000
Fax: (416) 314-4030


Anonymous said...

This excerpt from today's Toronto Sun editorial makes a good point based on prior CAS inquests.

"We're skeptical about what good holding an inquest into Jeffrey's death will do because a similar tragedy occurred in 1997 with the starvation death of baby Jordan Heikamp, while his mother was being supervised by a CCAS worker. Both were charged with criminal negligence causing death, but the charges were thrown out at a preliminary hearing. An inquest was called, but inquests can't lay blame.

When the inquest jury made its recommendations five years ago, we asked in an editorial what was the point, since no one from the CCAS was going to be held responsible for Jordan's death.

We predicted it would happen again. We hate being right."

Before that an inquest in to the deaths of seven children in CAS custody resulted in CAS being granted huge budget increases which greatly expanded their ability to wreak havoc.

I sincerely hope that something much more positive comes of this one.

Anonymous said...

Witzel, 58, and his brother, 56, are suing the Hamilton Wentworth Children's Aid Society for $1 million for "heinous sexual, physical and emotional assaults" allegedly suffered while under the care of CAS-approved foster parents, starting in 1954.

"The reason I got into this lobbying was to stop the suffering of others," said Witzel, who has been on a disability pension since 1996 when his thumb was crushed in a construction accident.

And the abuse of children in care.
when will they be held accountable.

Why are parents still forced to go to court ON FALSE protection concerns, lies in the court!!!!!!
made up by the CAS and CCAS to have children with high needs be placed.

Why does the government not address this? Why can a foster parent get the services and respite care a family cannot, why are many of the families made to manufacture protection concerns to get help for the child? And the abuse in the placements of the most truly vulnerable children, injured some have died. Why do we not address that as well,
Parents lives being torn apart by the agencies, Children at Risk in care, in group homes, surely
if a parents past conduct and any contact with CAS is means for to Flag a family for life, unsubstantiated or not, we must also look at the past conduct of the child protection agencies, and failures to protect thousands of children as far back as they go in history and say NO MORE.
When will the abuse stop.
A friend is going into foster care she told us proudly last weekend, easy way to pay off the new house, and buy the cottage they want, they are taking in special needs children, its a business, its not child protection. They don't even like children, that's why they don't have any of there own, what could I say, there is a reason why I would never allow this couple to baby-sit my child, yet they have been approved to take in special needs children?
Bill 210 , this government understood, when the reduced the risk level ( and its not science) of why a child can be taken into care arrested means the same as apprehended, that there were not services in the community to help in any way, foster homes and group homes, and yet as the numbers escalated and we hear the spin on why, and being Milked for hard earned tax dollars that could be put to use to really help children and families, its now time to give incentives to have the agencies find adopting families single , gay what ever as long as they are not natural parents, to sweep the mess under the carpet, before none of us can no longer afford to live in the province because of children in care. And care?? The government needs to look at the lesson learnt in the States, this Bill will not work either, when one director in press states we ARE NO LONGER IN THE BUSINESS OF TEARING FAMILIES APART.
WHY when there is an allegation do parents need TWO lawyers, not one as a couple confused by the entire matter, now re-mortgaging the house to pay for two lawyers to try and get back the children, because Johnny fall off his bike and had a bump on his head, and the mandated reporter the school or doctor does not want the liability issue if god help them anything happens to Johnny, and he was really pushed off that bike , by the common enemy the parents. But once CAS came and broke down the door while your out for dinner, because you know they are coming in home or not, now your laundry room has become a child protection concern, and god forbid you forgot to pick up the toys, or the house is to clean and its concerning, and now the bump on the head is much MORE its soon becoming a case you cant win, you get angry at the worker , doctor teacher, or who ever, because your stressed to the max over Johnny not being able to call home, and what on earth is happening and why is it a crime a day, when before he fall off that bike, you had no idea this agency had this kind of power, and thought you could just explain the bump, well no such luck, now your going to anger management, and you may never see Johnny again, and one day Johnny, who you had such hopes and dreams for is a mess living on the streets of Toronto, addicted to drugs, from the Ritalin ( he never had ADHD ) but heck a lot happened to him from the day the government allowed CAS and CCAS to have more power then god and ruin your life and Johnny well he is now one of the thousands of walking wounded, in are jails, in are mental health facilities on the streets, and does not trust a soul, Where did mom and dad go, and why did they fail to protect me, from the sexual abuse the moves , the failed adoption, the failed grades, because all he really needed was to be at home,
does this happen , you bet it does. and They cant hide it forever. And the moms, we are left post traumatic, and it just what they want, control us all, and if you fear CAS, and express it they will be back and back again, till you don't remember your own name. Look at the epidemics are they real or manufactured, of MSBP of Risk of harm, this is why there is no time to truly help children in need. THINGS MUST CHANGE. and they wont till we take it up to a higher level and demand it.This government is in to deep. They know there are no special needs agreements, they also insult parents astute enough to come to Queens Park, give me a break, yes many many people are no indeed smarter then this system, and much more. Since when was intelligence a threat. It is today.
Sorry the social worker that last saw Jeffery was not, she would have picked up on the abuse, as the corner has already stated he did not become that way over night it took years to kill that poor child, now the CCAS is buzy killing the souls of his surviving siblings, why else did they separate them, its not sensible but perhaps part of the psychobabble you buy into. Like Satanic ritual abuse perhaps. The children should be with one another and learn to heal as a family, its all they will have one day, the bonds and yes even the horrific memories that make up part of their life's, what on earth does separating them really do, break bonds, and create monsters. the CAS and CCAS is very good at it.

Anonymous said...

Judge willing to shame BC government over child protection

will they do the same here, The gov cut funding, and took away all services that could help familys keep children, and gave it to the CAS, lets get that right, and only children without parents can have services, Foster familys get all the sevices, not parents,

Anonymous said...

The child abduction society should be sued on mass, maybe the only way to stop them is to bankrupt them. They are evil agencies that destroy people's lives.

Anonymous said...

New readers may be forgiven for thinking the previous long post is the work of an over-active imagination. In fact, it hits nail after nail on the head. Very well spoken indeed!

Anonymous said...

sorry for my long rant, and not per viewed for corrections, I am sick at heart, I am usually very good at finding solutions, I can find no rational meaning to this organization and the funding the receive for the harm the do. Its not nuclear psychics, its parenting and YES for must of us its a great joy, and many are willing to find answers other then removal of a child or children and the destruction of a family, to truly help others in need. Why can this agency not do the same. If the murdering granny's IQ was so low, what does that say about the people she won over? this is cause for concern alone. Social workers and psychologist often go into the field because of baggage and unhealed wounds of there own, and now they seem to be given the power
to unleash that psychosis on the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this post is a bit off topic. What I find amazing about what's happening is that the movement against CAS is not coordinated in the traditional sense. The growing opposition comes from so many corners - it's unlike anything I've seen before. People seem to have spontaneously realized that CAS is evil and refuse to tolerate it organization any more.

My other observation is that Jeffrey Baldwin has played a huge role in this. Sometimes a tragic death such as his can reaffirm life in the sense of throwing off people's blinders about conditions at hand. The true values of a system that created such a travesty become evident. In this case, a long history of unspeakable abuse inflicted on Ontario residents. This is a golden opportunity to change this barbaric system forever. No more window dressing - only real and substantive change is acceptable. I pray readers will help spread the knowledge of what's happening to every adult in this province.

Anonymous said...

Bankrupt them? Hello---I pay taxes in this province as I am e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d.....

Stop talking such foolishness.....grab a brain from somewhere.

Anonymous said...

And your taxes are paying for the child abduction society which has no accountability to anyone.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who said that as Bottineau got custody with low IQ, what does it say about the CCAS that agreed to this - EXACTLY, WELL SAID!

It is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt, that the persons working at the CCAS and in the "industry" generally are, to use an archaic but in this case apt term, RETARDED. The evidence speaks volumes.

In regard to attending for rally - please make it April 12 even though it will be to set a date for sentencing, as that is the date the Fifth Estate program will air as well, and further it will be a short appearance, so we will have opportunity to protest immediately thereafter with media there. We can always do an additional rally following the sentencing. A previous poster was right, we have got to get out there and make waves now otherwise there was no point in announcing it to the media and we look foolish.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this post is a bit off topic. What I find amazing about what's happening is that the movement against CAS is not coordinated in the traditional sense. The growing opposition comes from so many corners - it's unlike anything I've seen before. People seem to have spontaneously realized that CAS is evil and refuse to tolerate it organization any more.

I THINK SO AS WELL. Jeffrey Baldwin should not die in vain, what is happening is that his tragic death has brought many people together. He was a sweetheart, an angel and the CCAS is responsible. That his death has given a voice to so many that have suffered from the CAS is good. He was the ultimate victim, he was the ultimate failure of the CCAS of Toronto.

He was and is an angel.

Anonymous said...

What is this person getting at?

Bankrupt them? Hello---I pay taxes in this province as I am e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d.....

Stop talking such foolishness.....grab a brain from somewhere.

If CAS was scrapped, taxpayers would save several billion dollars each year. Why do you say you're e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d and consider taxes you pay to support these corrupt agencies as preferential to paying no taxes? Might want to check your own brain.

Anonymous said...

To the weirdo defending the CAS take a look at the REASON why this blog is here, and gaze into the face of Jeffrey Baldwin and ask yourself if it is fair that this child was killed as the bloody CCAS placed him with monsters?

If you want to defend CAS go somewhere else. What type of heartless knob defends an agency responsible for this little boy being killed the way he was.

It is quite evident that you are a CAS worker as no one else is defending that agency except as Jeffrey's grandfather said the pit bull lawyers that those evil agencies hire to defend them.

Anonymous said...

The CAS is an organization of unimagineable evil.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this post is a bit off topic. What I find amazing about what's happening is that the movement against CAS is not coordinated in the traditional sense. The growing opposition comes from so many corners - it's unlike anything I've seen before. People seem to have spontaneously realized that CAS is evil and refuse to tolerate it organization any more.

I AGREE - in the past the CAS took children from thousands and thousands of loving, fit parents under deceitful acts of fraud and coercion. They shipped their children all over the earth and gave them to abusive and unfit strangers. Those parents have suffered beyond words as have their children who today are speaking out more then ever before.

The foster children that were shipped to the system were almost always abused along the way - they were taken very often as the family was poor - not abusive as the CAS has lied about for years.

Then there was the aboriginal children who were taken and shipped to white infertile couples as a branch of destruction stemming from the residential schools which I might add the CAS sent the kids to the schools in the first place.

In the 1980's 19 children were dead from being in Ontario training schools which were hell holes of abuse, largely unchecked and totally unmonitored -many of those children were quite likely removed with no help afforded to them either.

Group homes of all kinds have abused children as well.

Today - where are we today - then we have the most evil exercise that the CAS in my opinion ever did - they took their abuse a step further only this time they attacked loving parents of autistic children. They severed their legal rights, they shipped their kids all over the earth, and they totally degraded their parents and children along the way.

Jeffrey Baldwin should be the case that brings this all out into the open, he should be the child that changes the system, and he should be the spirit that makes a great difference to all of us. He was and is a catalyst for change. He deserves that. It is no surprise that this beautiful little boy has brought so many people together in the name of changing the system.

I will never forget him, not ever, and I hope no one else does either. He is an angel.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked why the government does not address this and I can tell you why - because the evilness of the CAS agencies are so huge, and so vast that the government fears a massive wave of lawsuits akin to the residential schools. Big Brother does not want to pay - and that is all it boils down to.

Instead of doing anything about this mess, they are trying all they can to bury it under the carpet. They adopted a legal clause written by a brilliant defense lawyer who "defended" the Toronto CCAS for 20 YEARS, they are in bed with a private baby broker who is on a mission to find babies and children for infertile couples, they have refused to have the Ombudsman have oversight, and they continue to run from this issue.

But Big Brother is itself at huge liability with this to start with after all it was the Ontario government that funded those evil agencies and that still does.

What type of agencies are allowed to do what they want with no oversight what so ever. The police even have oversight but not the child abduction society?

Why are all 53 CAS agencies against the Ombudsman having power? Because their crimes are VAST AND HUGE and because Andre Marin is a brilliant investigator.

Anonymous said...

And all I can say considering that the government is working with a private baby broker that "hunts" down other peoples children, with a bill that accelerates adoption even though the vast majority of children in care should not be in care, and that section 68 removes their accountability is this


Anonymous said...

The ACO - Adoption Council of Ontario that is operated by a private baby broker had an article in the newspaper a few years ago and they compared adoption to the "price of a car" they described it as being "a compact model or a luxury sedan".

We are talking about children for God sake who SHOULD NOT BE BOUGHT AND SOLD to anyone period.

And Minister Chambers is working with this very person to ship children all over the earth to a mob of infertile couples with her right hand henchman beside her.

It is shameful, and totally disgusting and it is literally barbaric.

Anonymous said...

In Ontario today a mob of infertile couples, and gay couples and anyone that "wants" a child will get them with Bill 210. And it is a given that those children will be abused just as those children who were shipped to foster care, group homes and adoptive homes were in the past.

But the government at hand does not care if they did they would have the Ombudsman investigate those agencies and they would not be in bed with a baby broker that operates a "business" of buying babies. And on the board of the ACO is a former supervisor from the Metro Toronto CAS - who is now also in the business of "buying and selling babies".


There are 3 types of parasites in our world.
1) are those who abuse children
2) are agencies that facilitate abuse
3) are baby brokers that sell babies and children.

In the UK private adoption is ILLEGAL for a good reason. But our government does not appear to have the intelligence to understand why that is - instead they are in bed with people who broker children for profit.

It is disgusting and it is shameful.

Working with a private baby broker on a mission to hunt down children WILL NOT PREVENT cases like Jeffrey's.

Anonymous said...

Children's rights": the phrase has been a legal battle cry for twenty-five years. But as this provocative book by a nationally renowned expert on children's legal standing argues, it is neither possible nor desirable to isolate children from the interests of their parents, or those of society as a whole.

From foster care to adoption to visitation rights and beyond, Martin Guggenheim offers a trenchant analysis of the most significant debates in the children's rights movement, particularly those that treat children's interests as antagonistic to those of their parents. Guggenheim argues that "children's rights" can serve as a screen for the interests of adults, who may have more to gain than the children for whom they claim to speak. More important, this book suggests that children's interests are not the only ones or the primary ones to which adults should attend, and that a "best interests of the child" standard often fails as a meaningful test for determining how best to decide disputes about children.
What's Wrong with Children's Rights

Martin Guggenheim is Professor of Clinical Law at New York University.

Martin Guggenheim, once defended Child protection agencys, he now writes how off track the entire thing is.
Like many others , lawyers and social workers that began the entire new childrens rights movements, all now right , on the err of the entire system.
This is for those that do not understand the UN Rights of the child have nothing to do with what has happened to familys and why so many children are in care,its a flawed, and a great deal of damage is being done, because no one has the brains to stop the insanity of it all, can it go as far as children then also have the right to refuse to go to school, yes, but the nip and truck it for control, BUT not parental control, thats seen as against childrens rights.
its a good book, If you want to change the system you must understand it, and this is where it is stemming from. Every politican should read this book or at least try.

Law: Domestic Relations: Children / Law: Child Advocacy

Anonymous said...

Not once did the CCAS visit Jeffrey Baldwin or his siblings. Not once did they review their own files and let other children be fostered by the murderer.

Until sweeping changes are brought nothing will change - it will be "business" as usual for CCAS.

Here is an idea - I think EVERY WORKER SHOULD HAVE A PICTURE OF JEFFREY'S FACE ON THEIR DESK. Every worker should be required to memorize the articles about that child to sink it in that THEY FAILED HIM.

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