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Thursday, November 10, 2005

More pictures

Jeffrey and his younger brother, again notice the difference in size!


Anonymous said...

It pains me too look at these pictures of Jeffrey, yet they are so important to see! This is what suffering looks like! This is what neglect looks like. This is abuse in it's most monstrous form!It brings tears to my eye's for no child should suffer as he did. Why didn't someone come forward!!! How and why did his parents allow it? What about relatives? What about the school the sister's attended? Don't all school's talk about abuse in class? What about the locked away sister's teacher? Didn't anyone in her school pick up on her distress? Apparently she ate with her hands, didn't anyone notice this and question it? I have so many questions. We cannot let this case fade away and die as Jeffrey did.

Craig said...

the frightening thing is wondering how many children are in the same type of situation - we only know about this case because Jeffery died - how many more are out there?

kristyne said...

I agree with what anonymous said - I cannot believe that nobody questioned that something my be wrong in this home. Neighbours? Teachers? etc. If i lived in the neighbourhood and did not see two kids that I know were there never out in the summer - I would be wondering what is going on?? kris

kristyne said...
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Anonymous said...

Sitting in the court and listening to the evidence gives one insight into what went on in that house of horrors.

The oldest girl was brainwashed into saying nothing and told if she did say anything to her teachers or others CCAS would take them away and put all of them in a horrible foster home. She was also threatened that somebody named "Dan" would beat her. She had one friend in the neighborhood whose parents were not aware of what was going on. Their evidence (and their son's)has been heard--they all would have reported abuse.Other kids were not allowed in that house (other than relatives--maybe)
The littl girl in the room with Jeffrey only went to school in the afternoon.She did not go out in the neighborhood and play with others.The youngest boy (younger than Jeffrey) did not attend school.

Keep in mind the eldest and the youngest were treated well in comparison.

It might surprise some how children can be coerced into saying nothing but it has been done time and time again. Had the teacher seen marks/bruises etc on any of the children it would have been reported. I can assure you of this. I have a family member who is a teacher and well aware of their legal and moral obligations.

Jeffrey's adult family is full of manipulative people who are only too aware of how to "work the system". Decades of dealings with CCAS taught them well.Combine that with "grandma's" paralegal courses and you have a recipe for disaster. Five hour long family political meetings were the norm.
These children were afraid and rightfully so.

The non related adults living in that house who KNEW Jeffrey and his sister were being mistreated chose to turn their head and not report what was going on..JAMES MILLS has said that in court. He was too busy looking after his own interests.

These poor little souls-there are many before them and there will, unfortunately, be more after.

Until the public demands harsher sentences, CCAS accountability etc change will not take place.

Tina said...

Go to and learn how to spot abuse and where and how to report it. Then tell everyone you know to go there too - the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies found in a 2005 survey that over half of Ontarians wouldn't report suspected abuse even though they are obligated under the Ontario Child and Family Services Act to do so. I agree there needs to be stiff penalties for people who don't report abuse. But there is also some public awareness raising that needs to happen and you can start doing it today. If you want posters or brochures to distribute in your community, please contact me at I have Ministry brochures that are very informative and CAS posters that are very effective.