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Monday, November 28, 2005

Letter to United Nations:

To Whom it May Concern;

I am a self proclaimed child advocate. Everything I do is on my own time; I am not paid by anyone. I research child death cases and then write to all levels of government asking why the death occurred, why no consequences were sufferedby the perpetrator, etc.
There is currently a case in trial about a little boy named Jeffrey Baldwin. He was betrayed by the Catholic Children's Aid Society and as a result endured torture and severe malnutrition and starvation. One medical professional said his case is one of the worst he has ever seen and he does extensive volunteer work with children in under developed and third world countries.
The Canadian government is turning it's back both financially and lawfully on these children and the people and agencies who have caused their deaths.
I would like to make a formal complaint to the United Nations against my country and various specific agencies withinCanada.I would like to know how to do this. Please take me seriously; Canada is a criminal when it comes to children.
Amanda Reed Canada

Response from UN:
Thank you for the work you are doing on children's rights. We're very sorry to hear about Jeffrey and the sufferings he injured.

In the website,!3A!2F!!2Fenglish!2Fcontact!2Findex.htm, you will find a model complaint form which you can fill out and send to the

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
either through their fax hotline, + 41 22 917 9022,
or their e-mail address,

You can also contact non-governmental organizations in Canada engaged in activities concerning children. You will find a directory of NGOs associated with the UN on-line at!3A!2F!!2Fdpi!2Fngosection!2Fasp!2Fform.asp
Once again, thank you for sharing your concerns and taking the time to write to the United Nations. Public Inquiries UnitPublic Relations SectionDepartment of Public InformationUnited Nations!!!3A110_!7E2-ef9f0df6ab332c2409e200_0


Joe said...

I am sure that you know there are worse things in Heaven and Hell then Ms. McConville and the CCAS

As you must be aware, there are certain inherent problems with any organization. One is the rules by which it is governed, the other is the individual's perceptions of the rules. Each person has their own biases and we react based on these perceptions.

It has become apparent to myself , as well as others, that you website is a direct attack upon Ms. McConville and CCAS, not on the true problem, the system itself.

Should we blame your doctor for your diagnosis of liver damage from chronic years of alcohol abuse?


Then we cannot blame Ms. McConville for what has happened under her governance of the organization. She did not direct them to do what they did... I happen to know personally that there are worse thing that have happened in the public CAS that never make it to the media.

So please feel free to do as you wish, it is your website.. and I am sure that this post will disappear...

But just a FYI... Once in awhile a reality check needs to be cashed.. and I think yours will be returned as NSF..

I am not the only one to see through your thinly veiled schemes.

Anonymous said...

WRONG!! As a person in her position she must be held responsible for her employees comings and goings.

Get real. I also know there are many wrongs committed by CAS ....

A direct attack on CCAS? WHO PUT THOSE CHILDREN in the care of the "grandparents" who later went on to starve one and abuse another.

One can see there is a lot more going on than so-called attacks--such as encouragement for the public to stand up and have a voice. Change will not take place without the public demanding it.

Perhaps you are employed by this so-called organization.

Jeffrey's Law said...


That was so mean what you wrote on the blog. It won't dissapear because everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I have made it no secret that I am not trained or have extensive knowledge in child welfare or the system. I have been fortunate enough to not have come into direct contact with them. I am trying to make things right, but am finding this is too big for someone like me, however, at least I am doing SOMETHING.

Lashing out at McConville was a knee-jerk reaction, but she should have been a much better leader and manager to her agents and she was NOT. When a company fails, you look at management first, then investigate what individuals did. A person is only as good at their job as management is.

A reality check?? Of course I want to know what goes on because I DON'T know and as I get deeper and deeper into this issue I find there is a lot more wrong than what anyone thinks and I want it to come to the surface. I now know that CAS kidnaps children and tricks parents, but we have to start somewhere. I want to start with the agents who don't do their jobs and look the other way when children are being abused. Who are lazy at their jobs or do not realize they are dealing with LIVES when they go to work everyday because it seems to me for a lot of these people it's just a pay check. I also know that there are good agents who ARE overworked and that needs to be changed as well.

If you want to go after the system for wrongly accusing good parents, then do that. I am taking a different route. I can't do everything. If you want media contact information, you can find everything you need in the newspapers. That's all I did. I am NOT special, I just wasn't going to sit around and wait for people to stop bitching about the system and actually do something! It sounds like you're just bitching, but what are you DOING about your concerns with the system??

Mary McConville should be fired and face criminal charges as should all of the agents who did NOTHING and let children die in both CCAS, CAS and any other child welfare organization.

By the way, I don't believe in heaven and hell. I also don't believe there is anything worse than a person or agency who hurts children!


Jeffrey's Law said...

Also, you and WHO ELSE see's through WHAT thinly vield schemes?? Maybe you DO work for the CAS...????!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure "Joe" is employed by CCAS. Who else would defend them?

The wording appears to come directly from an employee protected by legislation and union contracts.

HEY JOE: The others that you speak about are no doubt your "fellow employees".

Your own "thinly veiled scheme" is only too transparent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe: Judging by your ramblings you must be an employee of CCAS....the only one who COULD NOT have written your "piece" is Margarita Quintana......

joe said...

You have got it backwards. You are the employees of the secular CAS.

Anonymous said...

To his credit, Joe realizes the problems that allow Mary McConville to respond as she has lay in the system itself.

However, Mary McConville exposed her true colours in attempting to mislead the public about CCAS' responsibility in Jeffrey Baldwin's death. In attributing CCAS gross negligence to cracks in the kinship care policy, she knowingly withheld the fact that her agency had a very long history with his Elva Bottineau and had even supported her as a care giver for other people's children.

Even now, there is nothing stopping McConville from firing those who placed Jeffrey in Bottineau's care who apparently never did anything to ensure the child's well-being. Instead, McConville clearly attempted a cover up. She then publicly took issue with statements sworn by the very foster mother her agency retained to care for Jeffrey's siblings. Conveniently, she can not be cross-examined under oath. It also appears McConville is using every weakness in the system to avoid cooperating with the Crown.

Joe, your statement that McConville cannot be blamed for what happened under her governance is nonsense - she is in it up to her neck. Your position will only ensure that tragedies like Jeffrey Baldwin will continue to happen in future.

Your comments seem to suggest you are aware that CAS agencies permanently remove children from loving families for no reason. Now consider - if McConville was a parent or caregiver, she would be jailed for far less negligence than she has demonstrated.

Anonymous said...

Joe: Your ramblings are amusing to say the least.

I am not employed in the field of child protection whether it be CCAS or "secular" CAS.

It is clear where your paycheques are coming from.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is children are dying that are in the care of the CCAS!

ph said...


I don't see any of this as a personal vendetta against Ms. McConville.

-CCAS placed a child in the custody of known child abusers;

-That child was tortured, abused and killed under their care;

-Something went terribly wrong in this case;

-As a publicy funded institution, CCAS, and its Officers, must be held accountable and answer for what went wrong. For Ms. McConville, the buck stops at the top. If there was any negligence on the part of the CCAS - then she must answer fo that.

This is why we are demanding a public inquiry and/or inquest to get to the TRUTH of the matter.

Craig said...

joe - perhaps if you spent the same amount of energy trying to change the system rather then protecting mcconville and the ccas from Amanda we wouldn't have to worry about protecting children anymore

Joe said...

Please be aware that I am not validating, nor approving of their actions. I am stating that the rules and procedures are defective.

First, get off the personal attacks...

Take a good long look at the legislation.It is the legislation and the oness of responsibilty that are to blame.

In the end who is exactly polices the social workers? Who guaranateees that the social workers do their jobs appropriatly? Who will be the ones to take the fall? Medical practitioner are evaluated by the College of Physicians... Should not Social Workers also be evaluated by a like organization?

FYI: Amanda I have enough contact with former crown wards to know that their files follows them throughout their lives. There is no closure. Many of them have had their children taken for reasons which often seems trivial.These families are distressed, confused and angry.

I hope that you will not be one of these families.

Anonymous said...

any good activist activity, personal attacks always fail. Joe I know does not work for CCAS, nor this industry, but does know a great deal about it. I have to agree, it is the policy, that needs changing. I personally hope the pendulum will not swing so far in the other direction that many more innocent families, will be caught up into it. But this is a real concern.
Amanda is open minded, and educating herself, on the issues, she is a child advocate, and for her boundless energy, and heart felt concern, we thank her, but the child protection act is not black and white. I do not doubt as unpopular as it may seem to say, that the CCAS office in Toronto is not immune to the pain of this tragic loss as well. They to are human, and doing a job, set out by the ministry. Could they have done better, YES, can we all, yes, social justice, will not be achieved by pulling down Mary Mc Conville, she will answer after the court case, There is policy that governs the act and what she is allowed to do at this point, Do we know at the time of the children's placement in that house of horrors, that the CCAS had the mandate to do anymore then they did. Remember the act changed. Did the family have a lawyer??? questions not yet answered. I do not believe she is immune from the pain of Jeffery's tragic death. Non of us are. We all want to accomplish the same thing, better child protection, changes in the act, protection from false allegations and over zealous responses that WILL cause more children to be put into the system. Many that do not need to be there. For those that do, we must all work on protecting them while in CAS or CCAS care,Transparency, having the agency be under the IPC. volunteering time, PREVENTION of child abuse though education. And start educating young, in schools and home and so forth. Stop adding the psycho babble that has no scientific meaning, its opinion only, human behaviour is not predictable, nor does it fit into a check box.Reporting unfounded complaints take time away from cases that need attention yesterday. Parents found to be innocent, of allegations, should have that written, not presumed guilty by default. Family's that need services, should not fear CAS as they do now, because of the act. Single mothers, are adopting children from CAS and CCAS, Single moms in many cases could keep their child/ children with human support. Not all , but perhaps many more then do. An abused women fleeing such a situation, risk losing her children, for protecting them by leaving, this IS HAPPENING. Can we all honestly say that will never be me, or someone we know. Parenting is the hardest job we do, I am so old, that I do it with great joy that I have been given the opportunity to parent.With age comes perhaps patients and better means in many cases,also with a clear understanding of what my role is as a mother.And as my child's advocate, it can put me in and has in CAS investigations. I parent because I wanted to, knew I had something to offer a child, not the other way around. Young women have not learnt the lessons of life yet, we all know it takes time for us to be willing to take on the huge responsibility of parenting and trying to do it well. Teaching teens I see as a opportunity on parenting skills, and why waiting is so important. Rather then so much money going towards more reporting, would it have not been better spent in education. Reduction in teen pregnancy, keeping teen in school, and off the streets, will reduce child abuse.Spend wisely and consult the public, before spending tax dollars, I would have like to have had a chance to express my concerns, who would not. The Bill in front the house now, could use some public input. Not all abuse is generational, many wonderful grandparents take custody of their teens children, Because of this highly and I believe mentally ill family, we may lose that option, study after study show children do better with family ties. This is one case, do we really want to undue kinship placement?? is that truly in the best interest of children, for a very few perhaps, but each case must be look at for its own merit. There cannot be a one size fits all answer to a problem as complex as this one. Children's needs are not one size fits all. I believe the family unit is the best place for children to be raised, unless that is deemed not possible. Family unification, should be consider 1st and always before ever removing a child, more children die in the hands of non relatives, this is a FACT. This tragedy has caused the ripple effect of putting more children at risk. I do understand this issue, And I do not think CAS or CCAS have all the answers, in many many cases there good intentions, have caused the one thing we should all be concerned with, more child abuse, more family stress. Do we need to rebuild the Berlin Wall. I look around this province, this country and its seems that is in fact where we are heading. But keep talking, brain storming, being active, and understand, many of us all come from this from a different experience, with the same goals at heart, safety for the nations children. Lets do it united.

Anonymous said...

When abuse is described as generational it is not in reference to the teen mom having a baby with her parents raising this child.
Since when did CCAS or CAS get involved in these cases? Not since the 60's.
If you would like to see the poster children for "generational abuse" look into the Kidman/Bottineau line. They are classics and unfortunately not unusual.
Often grandparents take on their drug/alcohol addicted daughters baby in hopes of raising this child.....then a year down the road this same child is back in care...why? because the grandparents were not able to do it.
Most would agree the non-drug addicted/non abusive teen having a baby should be able to or have her parents raise this same child.

This is not the issue.
Your comparisons don't fly--it is like comparing apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

All CCAS had to do after placing those children in the "house of horrors" was visit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead they chose to write glowing reports.

Nobody at CCAS did as much as request a police check--this is what is required of non-related foster homes.

Had they requested a police check we would'nt be having this conversation.

Anonymous said...

From what i understand , last time a CAS agent was at their house was only few months before the poor child died. Why didn't they do anything specially knowing the history of those 2 monsters?? i am completely confused.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Quintana had only 3 cases?!!
Out of sheer due diligence you would think that after the other two children died in the CCAS in the last few years they would have ENSURED it would not happen again.

Look at what happened to Kobel in the Walkerton water deaths. He was entrusted with ensuring safe drinking water - he failed his duty people died and he was charged and found guilty and new drinking water regs put into place.

I have read here that Quintana can't be held accountable and we don't even know if there is going to be an inquiry or any changes to this system?! I can't believe this.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!!! A CCAS agent was at the house a few months before Jeffrey died!!??

ph said...

As more information about this terribly sad and tragic case comes to light, the more compelling a case for an inquiry (and possible lawsuit).

Is it too much to ask that people who are paid to ensure the safety and well being of vulnerable children also be held accountable if they screw up?

How does society ever regain any measure of trust in the CCAS if there is no transparency and the organization cannot be held accountable.

The public must know what happened in Jeffrey's case. Was CCAS negligent in fulfilling their responsibiltiies? If so, was it individual error or a system breakdown. More importantly, what is CCAS currently doing...and what do they need to do in the future to prevent this from ever happening again.

It's a simple matter of public trust and accountability!

We owe it to the late Jeffrey Baldwin to demand answers and seek the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Readers with insight into CAS' culture are aware that Mary McConville could not hold her position if she had sincere compassion for children. To argue otherwise is like claiming the local poultry farm has sincere compassion for chickens.

Anyone that cared for children would discipline the employees responsible and resign their position in shame. McConville has taken no action against employees who filed glowing reports about non-existant visits - a typical CAS practice. She has concealed the fact that CAS' supported a known child abuser as a care giver for other people's children. She refuses to divulge why CCAS inflicted further emotional abuse on Jeffrey's siblings by splitting them up in foster care - stating her agency has no obligation to explain such decisions to the public, in spite of the unbelievable negligence it demonstrated in Jeffrey's death.

Nothing in the legislation prevents McConville or CAS from taking appropriate action or admitting negligence. However, if a reader were to file a complaint against McConville or Quintana with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (CAS' disciplinary body) there is no question CCAS would wage a tooth and nail legal battle to avoid any accountability. Their chances would be excellent - OCSWSSW has been completely invisible in a case that screams out for its intervention. OCSWSSW is controlled by social workers - a fact that speaks volumes about the culture in question.

Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me if a CCAS worker visited the "house of horrors" 3 months prior to Jeffrey's death.

Grandma is very manipulative....she probably had Quitana right where she wanted her with the wool pulled over her eyes--remember the rest of the house was presentable.

However if Margarita did her job she would have checked the sleeping arrangements for all of the children. None of the sleeping arrangements would have passed the so-called criteria if it were in a regular foster home (non-kinship)with "internet boyfriend Mills" sharing a bedroom with Jeffrey's sibling.

If only CCAS did what they are supposed to do--police checks on all those residing in the house and unexpected home visits.

Anonymous said...

Let's say the grandma is very manipulative and that she fooled Mrs Quintana about the "sleeping conditions". But, how can a CAS worker be so blind and not see Jeffrey was under nurished and starved.

I think the CAS is hiding a lot more dirt.

Jeffrey's Law said...

Joe: I'm not sure what you mean by you hope I'm not one of those families. I'm quite sure the CCAS is watching me somehow, I see strange cars drive slowly up an down my street, but I really don't think they would be THAT stupid to try and take my child. That sounded very threatening and I would watch your words when talking about my family or my child.

Anonymous said...

RE: Jeffrey not seen by CCAS worker?

Of course if CCAS worker were doing her job she WOULD have seen Jefrey. But grandma dearest could make excuses such as Jeffrey is sick, Jeffrey is at a friend's house, Jeffry is out with his aunt etc etc.....
The CCAS worker would have bought into this--remember grandma came "highly reommended" and Jeffrey was LOCKED in a room upstairs.
Of course this doesnt excuse CCAS in any way.

Joe said...

Whoa! Amanda. Don't think it can't happen to you. Talk to families out there who live in terror of this legislation. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Your very young children are at risk from these "child protectors." You have a very naive view of government and society. I suggest that you get the low down on the guys running for office in your area as to family rights. It may decide your vote.

Anonymous said...

I dont'know if any legal action has been taken against these grandparent monsters, but if not, I would like their address and full names.

Can somebody post them?

Anonymous said...

CAS, CPS, all for profit private companies hired by government.

The make money by relocating kids and get to spend it on paid vacations for office staff.

Of course there's a shroud of secrecy involved - they're covering up the great atrocities that take place and the last thing they want is someone to open a can of worms showing their INCOMPETANCE because of 1 thing: It'll mess up their chances for future funding.

Its all about money & protecting their funding, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Joe Said:

"Should we blame your doctor for your diagnosis of liver damage from chronic years of alcohol abuse?


Then we cannot blame Ms. McConville for what has happened under her governance of the organization. She did not direct them to do what they did"

Common Josef, give us all a break. Speaking of gov't mess ups, when New Orleans happened, the head of Fema was fired. When bad things happen on committees, members end up resigning.

There's absolutely no comparison between what happened here and your irrelevant example of a doctor and a fried liver.