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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jeffrey and his siblings. My guess is Christmes 2001. His younger brother is to the right of him and is obviously taller and more robust. The distress on Jeffrey's sister's face (the one locked up with him, to his immediate left) is heartbreaking!


Anonymous said...

Is the "locked up" sister crying in this picture?

amanda said...

no, not crying. Imagine having an incredible stomach ache that makes you almost double up in pain... that's what she looks like. Horrendous!

Craig said...

Who took these pictures and why? Why would someone take the picture of Jeffrey and his sister on the mat?!!

Elayne said...

Actually Craig if you see the photo in person the centre of the picture is of the oldest sister and you just happen to see them in the back ground, I think Amanda just wanted people to see the background clearer cuz people were hearing so much of 'the mat' that she wanted people to see.