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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Informative website...


Anonymous said...

This website is highly recommended, particularly for those that have no direct CAS experience.

Jeffrey's story is just the tip of the iceberg. You won't believe the maliciousness, negligence, stupidity, hypocrisy, corruption and insanity that permeates Canada's barbaric child welfare system. Scores of children are removed from normal families every day and no one's children are safe.

Be sure to access the links on the main page and everything in the current news and archives. Most importantly, bring this site to the attention of family, relatives, friends and associates. Nothing will change until Canadians come to know CAS for what it truly is - one of the blackest marks on our country's history.

Terry said...

I have been so affected by Jeffery's plight. I worked for over 20 years in grey area schools and have not witnessed anything close to what poor Jeffery suffered. I will be sending letters to all thr appropriate placesbut is there anything I can do beyond this?
Vry concerned, Terry

Anonymous said...


Answering a question like yours is hard because everyone has different abilities and only so much time to commit. Whatever you're able to do, please remain active by spreading the word to others and directing them to websites dealing with CAS corruption. Right now, there are no national or province-wide organizations that are exclusively committed to changing how CAS operates. Forming such an organization would be a huge accomplishment - but we don't all have the skills for such a huge undertaking. That said, nothing will change until those who have been led to believe that CAS agencies are virtuous child-welfare guardians finally see the family destruction industry for what it is. Letter writing is also fine but here it's numbers that count - governments are integral to the problem and have consistently turned a blind eye to the horrific abuse CAS is inflicting on Canadians.