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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Things the CCAS wants you to do for free...

Current Volunteer Opportunities
The following volunteer opportunities are currently available at the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto:
The Hope for Children Foundation raises funds to provide services to children and youth in the Society's care that are not covered by government funding. The four core programs (Education and Scholarships, Youth, Emergency and Enhancement, Community Development) the Foundation supports, brings hope to thousands of children and youth every year.
At the Hope for Children Foundation of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto, we have several openings for donor-relations volunteers. As a volunteer, you will assist in:
data input
organizing information
donor calls
other administrative support.
You have:
good organizational and communication skills
computer skills
previous donor-relations experience an asset
sensitivity in handling confidential information.
Time commitments:
a half to full day every week, for a minimum of six months.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Hope for Children Foundation, please call 416-395-1500. Fore more information on the Hope for Children Foundation and the programs it supports, please check the Foundation page on this web site, by clicking on the Foundation logo.
Return to top
Special Friends, male and female, needed for children in families in the Scarborough Branch area. For more information contact our Scarborough Branch at 416-395-1900.
Volunteers are needed for the Child Access Program at the Scarborough Branch. This is a volunteer supported program, bringing children in foster homes and their birth families together for access visits and operates on Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For more information contact our Scarborough Branch at 416-395-1900Return to topChild Access Program requires volunteers at the West Toronto Office (Dufferin/Bloor), which is a volunteer-supported program, bringing children in foster homes and their birth families together for access visits. The program operates on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. For more information contact Toronto West (416) 395-1785.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that they do want "special friends" and idiots that believe them. Parents are not "birth parents", parents are for life, be they good, mistaken, unfortunate etc.. the term "birth parent" is an ugly phrase designed to obliterate nature and to make strangers believe the fiction that they are one's parents. So the Toronto Catholic Child Abduction Society wants friends? They need a FULL LEGAL INQUIRY not more stupid people willing to follow them like lambs to a slaughter.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that biological parents get no services.

Witness the special needs families, the mother is on the floor dying from taking care of the kid 24/7. The agencies say "Yes, my dear we can help you take care of your special needs child. One person alone can't do this. Sign this TCA."

Then you figure it out that they are really not trying to help you. They bring a child protection claim against to acquire the child. This happens rather routinely when you refuse to give up your parental rights in exchange for services. Ask Andre Marin's special needs families about this.

The foster parents get all this help..volunteer driver, respite care, residential placements etc. You get nothing because you are just the parent.

This is a flagrant violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children without parents are entitled to all these services while children with parents are entitled to nothing.

The CAS ads are trying to tell the community that they have all these services available. What they should say is "They are available only to foster parents."

Anonymous said...

Exactly, and like his report it is not a matter of money it is a matter of will - why do we as taxpayers support total strangers to foster children and leave natural families to rot, and how can this system possibly operate in this manner and level of hatred. The CAS forced the parents of special needs children to sever their legal rigth's to their children, and then they sent them all over the place. The end result was and is a 500 mil class action suit against the government. Thus bringing in section 68 of bill 210 which mirrors what the chief legal defense attorney for the CCAS of Toronto wrote to curb responsibility. the whole thing is crooked and corrupt. This bill is about liability not children. The nerve of the government to do this after Jeffrey Baldwin was murdered, and so many other horror stories is off the scale in disregard. Why are we supporting strangers over families - why do children get shipped to foster care when their parents are living in poverty, and why is "help" considered destroying a family?

Anonymous said...

and the survey says - because the CAS does not support families, and they never have, they need to be taken down. they operate in a hate where parents are the enemy and as long as one is not with a parent they are safe, it is not a great surprise that Jeffrey was given to convicted child abusers with no checks being done - though they were his grandparents to the CAS they were safe simply as they were not his own parents. That is the mantra, that is the mission - divide and conquer, destroy and pillage, remove the children.

Matthew Reid was removed as his mothers house was messy, and he was molested and killed in foster care. In the best interests of the child? Such a ridiculous lie.

Anonymous said...

The CCAS of Toronto should be shut down.

Anonymous said...

The CAS system is an arachaic system. It should be protecting the children who are truly in need of protection. It is instead trying to make social policy.

The government created a monster that keeps getting bigger and bigger until it swallows up all our children. It will consume Ontario's entire budget.

How is the government going to deal with this?

Bruce Rivers and Nick Trocme are frankly have lost touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster well said, it should be protecting children in actual cases of abuse - but that has never been the mission from the very beginning of this agency. The CAS and the government orchestrated a social cleansing regime based on organized religion decades ago. The first child protection laws are actually illegal under the current charter, they are at best discrimination.

The system has always seen parents as the problem, and their solution has been to remove the child. What is so bitterly ironic is that the true cases of child abuse have never been dealt with and are still not.

The very operation of the CAS paves the way for abuse of power. Those who have had their children taken cannot see the files, as they are sealed. In what cases of law does the alleged criminal not be allowed to even see the evidence? The evidence is created by the social worker and seen as being the truth in court systems repeatedly. These agencies have more power then any other institution on earth. Having such sweeping power, where those accused cannot see the evidence, where those accused are guilty and hung without trials, and where even the children themselves cannot have information is utterly insain.

That it actually took adopted people to DIE before those vile agencies would consider giving information about their parents is a sham. And if there is any abuse in the file for those fostered they are out right barred from seeing anything. How would anyone like to have an agency such as the CAS have information about the most personal things in your life, yet you cannot ever access it.

It is actually not part of the Freedom of Information laws in Ontario or most other places. It is the only system where information directly pertaining to one's own life is prohibited from being disclosed.

Secret files, secret charges, and huge money and power is a disaster, and a recipe for abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

And not only did these agencies randomly take thousands of babies illegally, they then blamed the victims for the system being operated in such secrecy .......... they cited "confidentiality" and all kinds of crap and lies for decades.

And they want to bury the past, just as much as the not being accountable in the future. If a messy house is cause to remove a child what else will they come up with? What next your driveway is not paved the way "they" want it to look.

To say that these agencies are a monster is an understatement. It is a dictatorship regime of power, control and money. It is like Amanda said the mafia.

Anonymous said...

You know they don't even just make social policy, they jam it down the throats of people in a wild caravan of social workers in a regime.

We are paying for the child abduction society and the government must rein it in.

They are big brother - they have always been big brother. George Orwell and his book 1984 is the closest thing to the CAS ever written, though it is fiction it is hauntingly the same.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that the Ombudsman made a brief appearance on a tv station and that the station was flooded with complaints about the CAS alone speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake Jeffrey Baldwin is the tip of the iceberg in what the CAS needs to answer for. I think his death has become a catalyst for real change, and that is a good thing considering how much he suffered.

His death has prompted many people to come together - former wards in foster care, those adopted, mothers and fathers, and various groups. His death was too much of an injustice after all of the injustice that has went on - I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back prompting outrage.

That little boy should be the name that changes the system.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that 78 children this past year died under suspicious circumstances in the care of the the CAS. This does not include the natural deaths such as the diabetics who died because the foster mothers did not know how to manage their insulin.

Anonymous said...

someone said
How is the government going to deal with this?

Well for starters in their grand plan they do not want to deal with it - they have made a section that removes responsibility, and that makes it very difficult to get justice of any kind. They want to run for cover, but do they really think they can just bury this level of abuse of power. They should do the right thing - have the Ombudsman have investigative power, release CAS files to all that they include, have a full legal inquiry, make their finances disclosed openly and in public, have their non-profit status changed and make them under government and not private, re-dress the past, apologize to the victims, and NEVER be allowed to operate ever again as they have. If the government does not see the real solution then they should not be in government to start with.

I think the government is afraid of dealing with it, but they need to deal with it - a child is dead, another child is dead as well being Matthew Reid. It cannot continue it must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that 78 children died but that does not surprise me what so ever. It is yet another reason for an inquiry. The media needs to be more involved with this instead of covering this up.

Few appear to have the "balls" pardon the expression to deal with it. Christie Blatchford has done the best so far in disclosing this mess.

78 children ......... the list gets longer.

Anonymous said...

one of the reasons why the CAS has been able to get away with this for so long is that the general public does not know what has been going on - actually some do but even in that not to the degree in which they need to be informed.

it is an easy sell to people because many people really do care about children, and find the issue of child abuse to be a serious matter, and in that they are right, but they blindly trust the CAS with few understanding how they operate. People that care about children in many cases support the CAS as they do want to help children but they do not see the underbelly what so ever.

the CAS has also silenced the victims or they did. in the past 10 years especially the victims are really talking though. groups are emerging and the truth is being told.

Anonymous said...

The recent post "How is the government going to deal with this?" is bang-on.
Very well put!

Anonymous said...

this is for those that think we have a problem with authority figures some of the worst cases of sexual abuse and child sexual abuse you will find right on the collage web site, they are the docotrs in this provence. scary. this was verbal but really ugly way to treat a 7 year old child, just removed from his family.



It was alleged that Dr. Lad committed an act of professional misconduct, in that he engaged in conduct or an act relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

Response to the Allegation

Dr. Lad admitted to the allegation of professional misconduct and the case proceeded on the basis of an Agreed Statement of Facts.


The Agreed Statement of Facts established that Dr. Lad has been a family physician in Ontario since 1973.

In May 2003, Patient A, a 7–year–old boy, attended at Dr. Lad’s office for a physical examination prior to being placed in a foster home. He was accompanied throughout the appointment by a group home worker. Patient A had been a patient in Dr. Lad’s practice since infancy.

Dr. Lad used rude and inappropriate language in front of and when speaking to Patient A in May 2003. Dr. Lad swore in front of Patient A and asked the group home worker if Patient A’s mother was “still a crack head.”

Dr. Lad also asked Patient A if he still had a “small dick.” According to Dr. Lad, he used the term in an ill–advised attempt to put the child at ease.

The group home worker completed an Incident Report about Dr. Lad’s conduct immediately after attending at Dr. Lad’s office in May 2003. In her report, she recorded her concerns about Dr. Lad’s “inappropriate verbal conduct in the presence of and directed toward” Patient A.

In August 2003, a family services worker for the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) met with Dr. Lad to follow–up on the incident. Dr. Lad advised her that he had been dealing with Patient A’s family for 20 years, that the entire family was dysfunctional and that members of the family abused drugs. Dr. Lad also advised the worker that Patient A’s family frequently addressed each other in common terms and expletives and that his mother had used derogatory terms to Dr. Lad in the past.

When the CAS worker confronted Dr. Lad about the abusive language he used during the appointment with Patient A, he agreed that he should not have spoken in such a manner. Dr. Lad confirmed that he had asked Patient A if he still had a “small dick” and stated that the reason he asked this was because most Afro–Americans have “big dicks.”

Dr. Lad said he said he made this comment to the CAS worker out of nervousness and embarrassment when confronted with the inappropriateness of his comment to Patient A.

Dr. Lad apologized to the CAS worker for his conduct with Patient A in May 2003. He said he was extremely sorry for his conduct and that an incident of this nature would not occur again.

The CAS complained to the College about Dr. Lad’s conduct in May 2003 and his comments to the CAS worker in August 2003.

Dr. Lad acknowledged that his conduct with Patient A in May 2003 had been inappropriate and expressed regret for his conduct to College investigators.


Having regard to these facts and Dr. Lad’s admission, the Committee found that Dr. Lad committed an act of professional misconduct, in that he engaged in conduct or an act relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

Reasons for Penalty

Counsel for the College and counsel for Dr. Lad made a joint submission regarding penalty.

The Committee concluded that the joint penalty submission properly reflected disapproval of Dr. Lad’s conduct and fulfilled the objectives of both general and specific deterrence. As well, this penalty addressed the need to protect the public, and sent a clear message of the Discipline Committee’s strong disapproval of the language used by the physician, aggravated by its use in the presence of a child.


The Discipline Committee directed that:

1. The Registrar suspend Dr. Lad’s certificate of registration for a period of two months.
2. The Registrar impose the following terms, conditions and limitations on Dr. Lad’s certificate of registration:
1. Dr. Lad is required to successfully complete, at his own expense, the College’s communication course and the College’s medical ethics course.
3. Dr. Lad attend before the Discipline Committee to be reprimanded and the fact of the reprimand be recorded on the public register.

At the completion of the hearing, Dr. Lad waived his right to appeal and the reprimand was delivered.

Anonymous said...

CAS even takes doctors on, they all fear CAS. they have to call and hand other children if they dont meet the quota the CAS comes in and screams, The Minister should ask the doctors in this provence what they think of the CAS, most will tell you it does more harm then good, but they fear them. The docotrs that are very prone to errors on the other hand love it, they screw up worried parent might sue or make a report they call CAS, can I prove this YES

Anonymous said...

I actually think that they should ask former wards and those adopted what they think of the CAS, as well as all parents who have had their children stolen by them.

Anonymous said...

Between January and April 2003, while Patient A was Dr. White's patient and his employee, Dr. White used the hospital's computer information services to e-mail the pornographic photographs he had taken of her performing oral sex on him, together with accompanying pornographic stories he had written, to different pornographic websites. The photographs and stories were, at his request, posted on the internet. Dr. White told Patient A that he had posted some non-identifying photos of her on the Internet. In fact, Patient A was identifiable in many of the photographs.

On May 28, 2003, after the hospital discovered that Dr. White had used its computer information services to view, upload and download pornographic materials, Dr. White resigned his privileges.

Between September 2002 and February 2004, Dr. White provided narcotics to Patient A knowing that she had a severe opioid addiction. Dr. White saw the patient daily and administered opiates to her, without maintaining proper medical records. In this way, Dr. White enabled the patient's addiction to continue longer than it might have under professional guidance.

I agree the docs in Ontario are to busy with there porno web sites

Anonymous said...

And parents that are accused of something but they never tell you what, why are they investigating and you cannot get it in writing, guess they have not made up there mind yet

Anonymous said...

As for the origninal topic:

In the wake of Jeffrey Baldwin (let alone the long string of serious negligence issues involving Toronto CCAS) it's hard to imagine anyone volunteering to lick stamps for them.

Anonymous said...

In agree with a previous poster that it is getting tiresome to see old newspaper articles and other long winded materials being posted. Please post things that are relevant and current only. We are wasting this site with rambling posts that have little relevance. I look forward to more meaningful contributions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the memo from Cindy Cameron, that is great that she is on board. To the person that does not want to have articles about the CAS in the past or to hear real stories from the media then I question why you would be here. The articles posted tie into this issue, I have enjoyed reading many of them as it helps me to understand this issue better. As well the sites that Amanda posted are good to review.

Anonymous said...

There is no question the newspaper articles are relevent. They are typical of abuses that continue to occur and most deal with the time period after Jeffrey Baldwin's death.
Perhaps you could illustrate what you consider meaningful contribution(s) for the benefit of other readers or move on in your boredom.

Anonymous said...

Volunteer or work for the CAS, my moral and ethical values will not allow it. I would not give them one cent to carry on this persecution of families and this abuse of children.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
In agree with a previous poster that it is getting tiresome to see old newspaper articles and other long winded materials being posted. Please post things that are relevant and current only. We are wasting this site with rambling posts that have little relevance. I look forward to more meaningful contributions.

Monday, March 20, 2006 2:42:20 PM

To the person that posted this what is meaningful - burying the past, and ignoring the real issues here?

Anonymous said...

This is very important is the heart of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Another smart mother, has asked why there are not yet better placements for the special needs children in Ontario, I ask myself that, and more. Why not let Mr Marin over see CAS. don't give us this shit about redundancy, the complaints process in all internal, the board of directors is made up of people with a conflict of interest.
Ms. Chambers needs to be reminded that in FACT the special needs children are
the most vulnerable children and youth in this province, not the ones the CAS are taking, for messy houses.

They mean value to the CAS agenda, on the public purse, but we are not fooled.
Where on earth did they get all the money to build some of the amazing new CAS head quarters, take a look around people, prime property very expensive buildings!!!!
sorry for shouting, was feeling a bit like Sandra Poopalotto for a sec, real scary it must be late.
AND ITS TO LATE TO KEEP THIS UP, GIVE UP THE GIG, PUT CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES WHERE THEY BELONG IN HEALTH CARE. IT WILL IN FACT COST US ALL MUCH LESS, ( TRY THE MATH)And try try to do the right thing, for Ontario families and children. you may surprise yourselves, scrap CAS and gee people might get out and vote. There, a concept you might understand.
BC. is saving money, Children's Mental Health services, are in Health care. not CAS . A parent should have never, not one! should have ever, had to be manufactured into a child protective concern case, NOT ONE. yet it is still happening.

And the warehouses are not good enough for my child, would they be for yours Ms Chambers.
Has anyone in the government taken a tour, of what the majority of the placements look like. Foster care is dangerous, as well so leave kids with there real parents. not your so called forever parents. Please. If they must run around and pick up children to keep the money rolling in, let them pick up the governments, I have concerns about several members stability.
Why is one foster home good enough for one agency, yet terminated because of concerns by another. This is fact.

What's with the huge increase of children in care? I can read, and can also read before the last Bill was passed and Risk levels for the CAS to come crashing in to save more so called children at risk of ever expressing an emotion,became so very low,that even many members of the government
had concerns about no services, in place and how many children would in fact be in care that no one could help any way, and help what?? They should deal with real abuse, the things most real parents understand are abuse, the things that happen to kids in care, that kind of abuse. Not that mommy is depressed, and took Prozac. And or daddy drinks two much on the weekends, or the old lady heard them scream at each other because he left the weed eater in the drive way, and she ran over it, domestic violence??? yes we know its real, but was CAS able to predict that 9 year old boys death and save him in Brantford, last week, NO.and sad indeed, but that is the nature of human behaviour its not really all that predictable, so you cant gather all the children to save one. And what happens once CAS takes your children.

long rant sorry, not even a parent, just heard to much and sick of it.

But its not about services, GET IT. its about MONEY, see.
they pick up the kids, the more reasons we give them to say at Risk, (lots of psychobabble in that stuff) the more kids they can take, if they can get a psychologist ( an that's easy) or doctor to say this child is a special needs child, The government gives them even MORE MONEY, see how it works. Then they don't want to give the children back, because it means less money, they like to keep files open oh always by a few extra months of hell for a poor family ( and getting poorer by the day)
because you keep sending the money, to care for the poor child that wants to go home, to his or her real mom or and dad. Not the foster hell, or group homes that get money for keeping someone else's little brats, (and that's how they are treated)
in many, but not all foster homes. In the foster homes that love children, and treat them like there own, you shut down, because how dare a foster parent tell a 22 year old girl right out of school, that she has been parenting for 15 years and may really know a thing or two more then the little social worker caring a big bunch of power.
SEE. and all the time the child is being protected, everyone is un happy, but the CAS and the powers that be, the lawyers are happy, the marriage councillors are happy, the anger management people are happy ( now really would you not be a bit pissed off if a 22 year old came into your house and told you there was dust in the basement and cat litter in the litter box, but wrote up that the house is full of feces, and disgusting, and the child is at risk of emotional abuse ( even though they have not yet been, but now they are an emotional wreak,) taken from mom and dad, and in a strange room being watched like some science experiment by people that will note every thing that everyone does, because they are experts, LOL the experts out side the box room are not experts. But it makes the child in need of more services SEE .
Now the child needs to get help, and the psychologist loves this, playing with children's minds, is some how so perverted, I hope that's all they are doing, but sometimes it is not. And then they need the services for life. Remember Satanic Ritual Abuse, who made up all that stuff, not the kids, it was the social workers and psychologist, they are a huge industry, and its what's feeding all this need for more and more and it will never stop child protection crap, Now We have adoption lawyers to feed. Oh I am so tired I hope Ms Chambers reads this and understands a bit more about what its really all about. Valuable children not vulnerable children. And the vulnerable children, well you have abused their parents enough already. see. So please read on.

A learning disability is not a child protection concern its and education concern, so stop. a messy house is in fact better for a child's health, read the hygiene theory it makes sense, depression is a treatable every common illness in parents so is anxiety, dear god look at the list of broken promises and NO not just by this government but the havoc left from Mr Harris as well no one is squeaky clean so stop the abuse in the name of child protection, who isn't depressed. Let the ombudsman watch over the system, in the VERY least.
Bill 210 needs more public debate, you did not even let the public know. Scrap CAS and stop wasting money, Hep C was really cheap. Compared to what this will cost is all. Its already costing far to many children, just ask the crown wards. And the very young angles now at peace that have died and been murdered in the name of child protection.

Anonymous said...

The last poster was right on. They have the government's number on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Look what's happening in Manitoba!

The Winnipeg Sun
Tue 21 Mar 2006
Page: 3
Section: News
After facing public outrage over the deaths of numerous children killed in foster care, the province announced yesterday it will commission two reviews.

Nine foster children were murdered in Manitoba last year and a total of 31 children in care have been killed since 2000.

"The death of one child is too many. It's important to review concerns raised over recent developments and to work together to make the necessary changes we believe will improve services to children in care," said NDP Family Services Minister Christine Melnick.

An external review will focus on the opening and closing of cases of children in care, how files are transferred and the caseload of front-line social workers.


The external probe will be led by Manitoba ombudsman Irene Hamilton, Children's Advocate Director Billie Schibler and an Ontario child and family services director.

It will also involve the CEOs of the four aboriginal child and family service authorities in Manitoba.

An interim report will be provided in June and a final report in September.

An internal probe will also be conducted and led by Hamilton, Schibler and Jim Newton, director of psychology at the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre.

The aim of that review is to look at how cases are managed and the administrative and financial areas of CFS. Interviews will be conducted with CFS staff.

"This is not a witch hunt," said Melnick. "These reviews will help guide improvements so we can continue to build a strong and high-quality care system for children in the care of CFS."

Schibler said her office has received many calls since the deaths of little Phoenix Sinclair and Heaven Traverse came to light.

Sinclair was murdered three months after her case was closed with CFS and Traverse died while in foster care.

"The general public is wanting to know, and I feel very confident in the people who will be working with our office and myself as we go into examining these matters," said Schibler.

Meanwhile, opposition Tories and Liberals continue to press the premier to remove Melnick from her cabinet post.

"This minister of family services has failed Phoenix Sinclair and she's failed all Manitobans," said Opposition Leader Stuart Murray in the house yesterday.


Vince Surbey, whose adopted son Chris, 17, was murdered last summer while in the care of CFS, said yesterday he's pleased the reviews have been called, but isn't sure they will have the desired effect.

"Whether it goes far enough remains to be seen," he said. "I think the reviews can be useful in helping point out where there are problems but it won't get to the root causes.

"Some procedures might be changed, but they basically have to do an overhaul of the whole system of returning children (to parents)."

Chris Surbey, who lived with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, was placed in CFS care by his parents at age 12 because he needed constant supervision to contain fits of irrational behaviour.

At the time he was killed, Chris had been left alone in his apartment after his youth worker left for the day, despite his parents' warnings that he needed 24-hour supervision.

Anonymous said...

How many foster children do we need to bury, before the entire system is scraped. What on earth are we spending well over a billon a year on . Child protection, CAS, all I hear and read is negative. familys torn apart, Crown Wards abused and homeless,
Foster children abused, and murdered, or so fed up they hang themselves. We need to ask some hard questions of the government
it has never worked, it still does not work and Bill 210 will be a disgrace on this Provence. I no longer trust this system does anything but harm more children and parents, then we can count.
Get rid of the system. The Minister yells OUR children. they like to refer to foster children and Crown wards as there OWN children, but from where I sit, citizens should be removing them from CAS care. If they truly care about kids.

Anonymous said...

The Herald (Glasgow)
March 20, 2006

American methods that generate a flood of false accusations about child sex abuse

SANDRA Brown is wrong on several counts (Letters, March 17). The approach to "discovering" child sex abuse (CSA) as outlined in Can of Worms has been causing a flood of false accusations for the past 20 years; in the US, where the craze started, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and every other country where the methods have been adopted. In the US millions have been paid in compensation to those who were falsely accused; the first compensation to falsely accused parents in the Netherlands, was paid in March 2004; and Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie both received the maximum GBP200,000 in compensation for being falsely accused and having their lives destroyed by Newcastle Council, aided and abetted by The Sun. So please, let us have no spurious protestations that this exercise is about saving children.

Even if we were to accept the revisionists' claims about Cleveland, which I don't, by their, the revisionists', own calculations, 30-per cent of the allegations of CSA were false. How many ruined lives does that represent? In the Ayrshire case, cited by Sandra Brown, compensation may have been paid to the unfortunate children concerned but their evidence was not tested in court, and six men had their lives ruined without having the opportunity to defend themselves. There were others who were also accused but not brought to court. What of them and their families?

The BBC was forced to take the Rochdale case to the High Court, to be allowed to screen the atrocious interview techniques used by the social workers on children as young as six, in their efforts to find evidence to charge the parents with satanic ritual abuse despite police evidence showing that absolutely nothing had taken place. Five families had their lives destroyed and one of the children was kept in care for 10 years, because the authorities refused to admit they made a mistake. The children are now adults and are suing Rochdale Council.

In the Shieldfield case the children received counselling for abuse which never took place and compensation was paid to some parents. How much damage did that do? In all of the cases I have cited in this and previous correspondence, child abuse certainly took place but the abuse was perpetrated by the agencies of the state. How many children were "saved" by the false allegations and prosecutions that have already taken place, as opposed to the number of innocent lives ruined as a consequence?

Sandra Brown also cites the tragic case of Danielle Reid. It is a nice trick but it won't wash. That child was murdered by her mother's sadistic boyfriend. As far as I am aware, there was no mention of CSA. Can of Worms is about searching for evidence of CSA using a check-list system that has already proved to be a disaster. The deaths of other children, because of a failure of the current system of child protection, should not be used to validate it.

Jim Fairlie, Woodstock, Ferntower Road, Crieff.
how true like I said its the psycho babble and social workers, taking us all along for this ride. Taking are large sums of are taxes, are children or someone we knows children. Ruining reputations, and worse, as I sit her this day and cry for all the moms, and children that all living under the same roof, the lies and twisted statements, we know, but how can we stop the abuse of a system gone mad. the cheak box tools, to much power given to the young and damaged social workers.
to much shame, it is to late?

Anonymous said...

The child abduction society is responsible for Matthew Reid as well......

Toddler's tragic death isn't 'supposed to happen'
By Paul Legall
The Hamilton Spectator
WELLAND (Dec 17, 2005)
A young mother was looking forward to a reunion with her son before she got the shocking news he'd been killed in Welland foster home this week.
The accused murderer is a 14-year-old girl who'd been placed in the home the day before by the Niagara Family and Children Services.
The toddler and the teenager were the only foster children staying at the house on Frazer Street North when the boy's lifeless body was discovered at about 8:20 a.m. , Thursday.
An autopsy performed late Thursday night indicates the boy died from suffocation.
The three-year-old boy had been in the home for several weeks under the care of a foster mother who had cared for him previously at a different location.
The 23-year-old mother, who now lives in Tillsonburg, said the Haldimand-Norfolk Children's Aid Society took the child from her because she was considered an unfit mother. The agency also took her four-year-old daughter who is now in the care of her paternal grandmother in London.
"They told me I can't have them because 'your house isn't clean and you have a history of depression,'" she said in a telephone interview yesterday. She had been a ward of the CAS too while she was a teenager in the Simcoe area.
"I was hoping to get him back," she added. "My mom would take him back."
When two social workers knocked on her door at about 3:30 p.m., Thursday, she initially hoped they'd come to interview her stepfather about the custody application.
But there was no good news. They told her her son was dead and that a 14-year-old girl was in custody. She said that all they said was that "foul play was involved."
She didn't learn until reading the paper the next morning the teenager had been charged with first-degree murder and would be appearing in court yesterday.
"I'm a little peeved at the CAS. The CAS is a child protection agency ... my foot," she said. "Where were they? They have to be responsible too. They should have been more responsible in screening the kids."
Maryanne Chambers, Minister of Children and Family Services, described the boy's death as a tragedy that isn't "supposed to happen."
She said children should have every reason to believe they'll be safer when they're taken from their parents and placed in the custody of the CAS.
"The bottom line. This is tragic. This is not supposed to happen," she added.
"We should all experience grief about this," she added.
Brian Hillier, executive-director of the Haldimand-Norfolk CAS, said staff have been devastated by the tragedy. He vowed to find out what happened.
"We'll take this apart ourselves ... I'm sure this will go under the microscope."
He said the agency doesn't know exactly what happened in the Welland home, however, because police have given out little information.
He praised and supported the foster mother, whom he said had been caring for foster children for at least five years. "Our staff knows the foster home real well. We have complete confidence in this home," he added.
He said it wasn't unusual to have older and younger children living in the same foster home. "You want to make sure the mix in any home is OK," he added.
Bill Charron, executive director of the Niagara FACS, said the entire Niagara community was shocked by the tragedy. He'd never heard of a child dying under such tragic circumstances in his 30 years in the child protection field.
"We share with the community a tremendous shock, sadness and grief," he said in a news release yesterday. "As an agency that strives to care for and protect children in need, this is absolutely the worst news we can receive."
He said the agency will continue to support the foster mother. It will also support the accused teenager emotionally, "as a parent would," and make sure she gets proper legal representation during the trial.
He described her as a "new placement" who had arrived in the home the day before the alleged murder. He said he couldn't reveal any more about the girl's background because of confidentiality regulations.
During her brief court appearance yesterday, the accused teen appeared happy and even seemed jovial, according to a report on Global TV. Her lawyer later said there is no decision yet on how she'll plead.

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