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Thursday, February 02, 2006

There are a few things I wanted to let all of you know.

1. The permanent plaque to be installed at the memorial in Greenwood Park is ready. They originally quoted me $776.00 plus shipping. I paid $388.00 before the memorial so the temp plaque would be ready. They are now changing it and saying I still owe $796.53. I DON'T have $800.00! So, unless this is resolved, I will be paying the balance out of my own pocket. Or more than likely, not at all because I just don't have the money!

Please do NOT say I stole money from anyone or didn't use donations for this cause! That blue bracelet you're wearing that says That cost $5.00, (each, I ordered 100) but instead of charging people for them at the memorial, I gave them out. Again, don't make me look like a thief when you obviously know nothing!

2. I'm closing this blog, for sure, at the end of next week. It is NOT because of all the small minded, malicious people who have been posting. Their opinions and comments don't mean anything to me because they won't say who they are. But by the way, I'm an athiest, so don't pray on me losers! Religion is what's keeping kid killers from having a conscience! If they go to confession and say a few hail Mary's, all will be ok and their place in heaven is still secure, what a JOKE! No accountibility in life, death or supposed after life! God had nothing to do with the parents I ended up with, value's morals and kindness is why I had a good childhood. That you would even suggest it was something else makes me shake my head at your complete ignorance!

To all the amazing people I have met and been in contact with, I just want you all to know that you have kept me going this long. Knowing that there are other people out there who feel as strongly about injustices in this world will be our ONLY saving grace. You can always contact me by e-mail.



ph said...


There are a lot of nasty/creepy people out there who want only to subvert the good work that is being done by you and others.

They would like nothing better than to see this blog disappear.

Please continue running the blog at least until Justice Watt brings down his verdict.

At that time we can arrange a meeting of supporters, before or after the rally, to dicuss funding for the plaque.

$800.00 in a small amount to raise for such a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Where can I send you my donation?

Jeffrey's Law said...

You are so generous! I just don't have time anymore to fundraise! I am enrolled in school that starts in April, so I have to tie up all the loose ends before I leave because I won't have time to do anything but small things after that.

I will keep the blog up until after the verdict, thanks for the suggestion ph!

I will keep you posted about the plaque issue, I will (shamefully) need help if it is not $388.00 because all my money is going towards school. I don't have all the original e-mails from the company and therefore have no hard evidence, but you know me, I'll fight for it to be what I was quoted originally!

You people make my day! After all the personal attacks (which have nothing to do with Jeffrey Baldwin or his case!!) I relly appreciate my friends here. Thank you!!



Lisa Burns said...

Amanda, I will figure out something out here, maybe a small fund raiser, I will see what I can do to get it for him. Please don't shut this down until it's time. I can't believe that some people are rude enough and stupid enough to think that you would take and steal money in Jeffreys name, that was Elva, Norm and Yvonnes job. I'm sorry that your name has been dragged through the mud, you don't deserve that. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in Jeffrey's name, you are a very wonderful person. Give the little one a big hug for me and remember that I'm here for you.

Robin said...

Hi will help out wherever I can.

Tina said...

Despite the off-base posts, I really like this blog and keeping in touch with others who feel as I do. Please don't shut it down, especially not now. Can you e-mail your address to me again so I can send you more money for the plaque - I guess if we didn't suggest the Christmas present idea, this wouldn't have been a problem. Tina

Tina said...

Hey, I just noticed something. When I write as my blogger identity it shows up with a blue heading but when I write as anonymous it comes up black - that must be the basis for that weird accusation about some people having direct access to your home computer. Also, I was wondering if people were confused about your inside knowledge because they read the newspaper articles you posted as your own words? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Amanda : I like others support you 100%...we met at memorial and other places.

With the "nuts" on this sight I dont dare identify myself but I emailed you this morning.

Mary McConville said...

God is everywhere, even in you Amanda. He saved you. He will not allow you to destroy innocent people. I know that the truth hurts.

Lisa Burns said...

Mary it's nice that you came out from under the rock you have been hiding under. Your are not innocent and you and your agency have Jeffreys blood all over your hands. You do not have god in you , we all know who is using you as his puppet.This life is an eye for an eye, you will get what you deserve in the end. I will do anything in my power to make sure of it. You are a scared woman who is hiding behind a flimsy law, I am one of the many people who will make damn sure that you are not covered by it anymore. And the truth is that you belong in the prisioners box with all the others who killed Jeffrey. You are evil walking, I hope to run in to you one day so I can tell you everything I feel for you and your agency. Unlike you I'm not afraid to print my name in full, I don't hide under assumed names. I'm ready for you and your agency, bring it on and I will bring you down. Leave Amanda alone.

Mary McConville said...


So you are from Amanda's old neighbourhood. Amanda's friends from her past life are now rallying around her and egging her on in this sick crusade.

Lisa get a life. You do not dispense justice. You do not run your own personal guillotine. Do you know what happened to Robespierre and his personal guillotine?

Thomas ( Deleted 3 post) said...

Ok, so what exactly is the pupose of this blog again?

It has become so bogged down in personal attacks, deleted posts, and direct threats of violence. Kudos to you Mary McConville..

It is really eerie that you know so much about Amanda. Could you be a Baldwin, Bottineau, or a chameleon {saying thing and doing another}.

I find it really interesting how you became offended at certain peoples' posts.

Just a FYI... Your blog is not the only one out there... I was directed here by another blog. In which they talk about your "Open" blog, being not so open and certain peoples posts being deleted.

If you care most people think that you are close minded and a danger. If one can't discuss situations in a open forum, then you are also hiding dirty little secrets just like the CCAS.

Lisa Burns said...

Well Mary you would find it interesting to know that I didn't know Amanda until we shared a 2 hour phone call and numerous e-mails. I knew Jeffrey and his siblings and knew his fathers family then met Yvonnes family just before the kids were born. If you were smart enough to read this blog then you would know that. I have found nothing wrong with what Amanda is doing, if I did then I would tell her. She is bringing you and your agency down for a good reason and your scared so now your reaching for anything to stop the emotional drowning. I feel no pity for you and your cohorts as you all failed me, the men who raped me for 9 years were let free by your agency to continue their spree, now the lives of women everywhere are at risk. I do not believe I will serve a personal justice against you, but I do believe that you all will pay for what you did in hell or on earth.

Anonymous said...

The person posting under the name of mary mcconville is obviously just trying to stir things up.

Best to just ignore this person and they'll eventually climb back into the sewer where they came from.

Heather said...

Woa- what the heck is wrong with some of these people? Amanda is doing a wonderful job here and is obviosly a concerned parent with EMPATHY (something the adults living in Jeffrey's house did not have).
This is about a child who lived a short, tragic life- a child who was physically, emotionally and verbally abused. This has nothing to do with religion but just a thought - do you think Jesus would have approved of a little boy being forced to drink out of a toilet? A little boy nicked named "Retard" and "The Pig"? A little boy made to live in his own feces?
HMMMMM....somehow I doubt it.

I think I'll stoop to the Nasty posters level for a moment and say that I hope everyone who lived in that house and didn't do anything to save Jeffrey (like a call to the police might have helped!) ROT IN HELL!!!!

Jeffrey Baldwin- you were an angel, I hope wherever you are that you know how many of us cried over what was done to you and how many of us love you now even though we never knew you while you were living.
Rest in peace, sweet child.