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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bill 93

Please, please go to this site and 'sign' the petition! To ensure the Ombudsman can hold the Children's Aid Societies accountable!

Ontario's Bill 93 2008 (*Formerly Bill 88 2006)
The Premier of Ontario, Canada and all the Ontario MPP's
Sponsored by:
If passed, Ontario's Bill 93 will allow victims of malicious legal attacks by Children's Aid Societies to have an opportunity to be heard. Allowing the Ontario%u2019s Ombudsman Office to investigate the Children's Aid Societies will not interfere with legitimate child protection cases or child safety its objective allows Government to bring accountability back to Children%u2019s Aid Societies with the power to investigate these non-profit organisations in cases of wrongdoing

Right now there are only 383 signatures... surely we can do better! Please ask everyone you know to take 3 minutes to sign it. Thanks!

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