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Friday, January 20, 2006

Public Rally

Therese suggested in one of her posts that we should hold a public (peaceful) protest / rally in front of the CCAS. I think it's a great idea, but like she mentioned, they will laugh if I show up there alone, so please let me know if you would be interested in attending and if there are enough of us, I will start making posters and contacting the media.

I was thinking Friday February 17th in the afternoon. I know a lot of you work during the week, hopefully you could get the afternoon off work though.

Let me know if you have any idea's for the posters.


Lisa said...

I will be there with a van full of people and 16 hands to hold whatever you want, Just give me a time.

Therese said...

Great Amanda!! If we want great numbers of concerned citizens could it not be held at lunch-time? We would get the most people on the weekend of course, but both the legislators and CCAS personnel would not be at work and that would defeat the purpose - WE WANT TO BE IN THEIR FACES - WITH THE MEDIA ON HAND!!
Of course there need not be just one march/rally, and not only in Toronto.
Obviously February 17th is the day after the sentencing of B & K, so it would be highly appropriate to have banners etc. - with Jeffrey's picture prominently displayed - calling for a PUBLIC, INDEPENDENT (not under govt. control or influence) INQUIRY!
YAY! It is our turn to publicly begin the struggle on behalf of all the little Jeffreys, as well as the children we hope to save after the clean-up and total overhaul of the disastrous state of child care in Ontario.
There is a saying in Africa that goes "a luta continua, a vittoria e certa!" Portuguese for "the struggle continues, but victory is certain."

Therese said...

PS, I just reread Amanda's posting and would like to say that I believe there must be a rally in front of the Legislature or Mary Ann Chambers' office in down-town Toronto. The govt. will have to be forced to take responsibility for its long-standing & disgraceful failure to rein in the CA Societies. In turn the govt. will have to be forced to force the Societies to change. Without strong govt. actions nothing will change in the Societies.

Anonymous said...

I agree I think they would maybe listen more if were in their face.I'll be wearing a t-shirt with Jeffrey on it. Amanda let us know where you'll be on Friday afternoon.CCAS at Main and Danforth or Downtown?Elayne

Anonymous said...

In front of CCAS on Maitland street

Anonymous said...

One way to get a good turnout to the protest might be to notify the media of the time/place/purpose and ask them to announce this information in conjunction with the Kidman/Bottineau verdict on the 16th - which will be big news and get people fired up again. Let me know if you want me to help with writing and sending out a press release. Tina

ph said...

I agree with Tina's point. Strike when the issue is hot. A press release announcing the rally to coincide with the Judge's delivery of the verdict would be an excellent communication vehicle.

I'd also be happy to help in drafting.

We need to keep close watch on the date for the verdict. I've a sense that the Feb 16 date, as reported, may be delayed. I believe Judge Watt mentioned in passing that his heavy workload may result in a delay. I hope this is not the case.

Anonymous said...

We should not only focus on the CCAS but also on the justice system in general. What accountablility is there for the people who know that abuse is happening but sit on the side lines and do nothing. There are more to blame then just the Children's Aid. We know that B & K are losers but what about the others?!

Steven said...

I think the idea of a rally in front of CCAS is a good one and will do my best to be there. Amanda, you will need to confirm place and time for everyone interested. said...


I see a rally is being planned for the day after the verdict comes down in the Jeffrey Baldwin murder case. Can anyone update me as to the time and date and location of the planned rally and whether or not it is going ahead as proposed?
many thanx
Nick Pron
Toronto Star