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Friday, January 20, 2006

Jeffrey's Birthday

Today would have been Jeffrey's 9th birthday. I donated some money to the local Humane Society in his name. Animals have so much in common, they don't expect anything in return for their unconditional love. ..

I wonder what yvonne and richard are thinking today... if they even remember.

It's such a contrast when my son's birthday is celebrated to the nines because it will always be the happiest day of my life, as I'm sure it is for all of you. I will never understand or sympathize with this people, I can't even be empathetic towards them because I can not relate at all. I can not put myself in their shoes. I suppose we might as well all give up trying to rationalize what happened and just keep waging the battle...

Happy birthday Jeffrey.


Lisa said...

I will always remember Jeffrey as the little man with curls. He had a genuine smile with a quick giggle that lit up his face. I now want to cry thinking about the hell he went through. I let a balloon free today in his name with a prayer attached and a note telling him that he is our angel. Keep up the good work Amanda, do't get discouraged by anything. Your friend Lisa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeffery.
If only you knew how many people have been touched by you.
My heart breaks thinking about you.
I hope you have found peace and are smiling....again.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know jeffery but when i saw him in the newspaper and his story i started to cry he was soo cute and the way he died was very very mean and hurtful and shouldn't have ever happenend but i love him with all my heart and he will always be apart of me so happy nine birthday buddy R.I.P love you xxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!

I hope you had the biggest birthday cake ever on Friday.

You will be in our thoughts and prayers forever.

We love you.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I can't help but think you are our very own, little "Jesus" - betrayed, tortured, but cherished forever.

Anonymous said...


Do you know the status of the other adults that were living in the house with Jeffrey? Are they being charged with any crime?

Anonymous said...

A few forums back someone who was accused of being either Yvonne, Yvette or Tammy tried to say something but got scared off, I'm sure. If you're still around, I'd like to hear your side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Amanda just be a concerned person who is trying to make Jeffrey's death and suffering matter? Why can't she just have become involved because this case was so truly horrifying she couldn't sit back and do nothing and let it happen again. It's not unusual for people to pick up a cause in the name of an individual: hence all the laws/initiatives/foundations that involve people's names - the Amber Alert, the Polly Klaus foundation to name only two that involve children - there are many. You too could contact the Ombudsman or the Minister. I have and I was never in foster care or in touch with any of the Baldwin/Kidmans. I am just a regular joe who read about Jeffrey in the paper and cried so hard I had to get involved and do something to make a difference.
Who are you? Who are you to question another person's motive and why does motive matter?

c said...

happy birthday Jeffrey!
you will never know how deeply you have touched my life and so many other people's lives

keep up the good work Amanda - thank you so very much - hopefully we will never hear another story like this happening to another child

Anonymous said...

The following link is a judges letter explaining how the Child and Family Services Act violates Human Rights and the spirit of justice.

The CFSA - Child and Family Services Act is the tool that Children's Aid uses to abuse their power.

Do they in fact protect children? Yes they do but to a large extent the Children's is equally guilty of abuse of these children and their parents.

How does a not-for-profit organizations gain more power than the police with absolutely no accountability when they lie to judges, manipulate children, allow them to die or be forcibly returned to an abusing parent only to accuse a innocent parent of abuse.

This organization needs to be exposed.

In 1995 a court ordered inquest into the death of 263 children in the care of Children's Aid was virtually shoved under the carpet.

This information has been presented to Ernie Eves office who instead of dealing with the matter has once again turned a blind eye to the underhanded criminal tactics the CAS resort to

Eves' phony investigation left out Child Advocate -

In contrast Canada disbanded and entire 74th Regt for the acts of only a few people.

We have people crying out for exposure and justice from within Children's Aid Society and nobody does anything.

Maybe this is a sign of those who are in power. The message they give us is that children and parents are expendable.

Not worth the effort for even judges who sit on their cozy benches handing down judgment on innocent people because of the smoke and mirrors thrown at them from Children's Aid.

Welcome to Canada, the armpit of the world.

A&E we beg you to do this story.

This level of corruption is something only seen in third world countries.

263 children died in care and no one cared!! this goes on and on, advocates need to stand up for all the children and famlys being abused by the system,

Jeffrey's Law said...


What exactly do you want to know about me? The fixation I have with Jeffrey? He was a helpless child who I supported the torture and killing of by being a tax payer. Does this satisfy your curiosity?

I AM concerned with all other children; I am TRYING to do something to change the whole system. If I was concerned with only justice for Jeffrey, I would be more concerned with the sentence his grandparents get, which I'm not. Canadians are spineless and too laid back. (and I am a fiercely proud Canadian, fourth generation, but we are too easy on criminals) I have no doubt this judge will not serve these people any justice what so ever. There's nothing I can do about that, but I can do something to change the child welfare system as can / are all of you! I called the Minister and Ombudsman.... if you're concerned about other children in 'care', why don't you do the same?? You've obviously done nothing if you don't know they will respond to calls and letters.

I think you are missing the point, it shouldn't matter how something gets done, just as long as it does. I really don't care what the ombudsman, minister or any other government official has on their agenda, just as long as there is a complete overhaul with this corrupt system! As long as it HAPPENS, I don't care if they're doing it for popularity or confidence votes.

How do you know I have contact with Karen?

You're pretty wierd and as I re-read your comments, I'd actually like to know who you are. My adoptive parents? My husband? Sorry, not married. Where do you get your information?

I'm getting pretty sick of people being assholes about my so called motives... like I said before, it's people like you who are discouraging intelligent people with beneficial comments and opinions from visiting this site and I really don't want hateful, spiteful or ignorant people here.


Jeffrey's Law said...

My e-mail address is


Jeffrey's Law said...

I have absolutely NO IDEA what you are referring to! Who is Sam?? I haven't read a post from Sam! Anytime someone posts something, I get an e-mail.

Who are you?? It's easy to post things under anonymous isn't it??

Tina said...

Any feedback from the CCAS on how the kids liked their quilts and other Christmas gifts?

Jeffrey's Law said...

Hi Tina,

No, just that they received them... which I hope is true!


Jeffrey's Law said...

I have deleted Sam and Thomas's posts due to the foul language. I do not know who Sam is, but I assume he or she is either a member of the family or knows the family.

Thanks for the vote of confidence that had anything to do with the post! I have been on vacation and not reading all my e-mails, so it got through.

Thomas, there is absolutely no preferential treatment on this post, when everyone uses anonymous as their name, how do you think I know who they are either?? Feel free to post again without swearing.

This is getting a little ridiculous! I am very interested in your opinions as to why I am fighting to have the children's aid societies held accountable; my so called motives. But if you have something to say, use your names!
It's so easy to sling hateful words and comments when no one knows who you are!

Lisa Burns said...

To the people who have anything to say about Amandas need to do this, bugger off. She is standing up and doing something for Jeffrey that not one other person is doing or willing to do. She takes her own time and spends her own money to fight for him in death as no one did in life. She has researched the laws that CCAS is hiding behind and the case, she has not come in to it blind, what do you do besides hiding behind a title of "anonymous", you are not being productive in helping save abused children or holding the proper people responsible for these children that have died. Get a life. Find someone else to bother, don't waste our time and space it's for the kids.....

Anonymous said...

The last comment falls under the "when did you last beat your wife" category. If the writer has an allegation to make, please do so. Otherwise please refrain from using innuendo to smear others.

Anonymous said...

Amanda has no need to appease you. On the contrary, it's time for you to justify your statements, allegations, innuendos and smears. Until that time, it is you that lacks any credibility.

Anonymous said...

Lay off loser.....when someone comes forward in hopes of preventing any further deaths like Jeffrey's they ought to be commended.

Amanda is not accountable to you! Many many many members of the public stand behind her and her cause.

You show your ignorance every time you post--I believe that is many times.

Jeffrey's Law said...

Who ARE YOU anonymous?? I agree, you lack credibility when you don't use your name. Maybe I'll call you Mary McConville!! Is that who you are??

I didn't know Jeffrey in life or I would have done something!

I never said I was single, I said I wasn't married, my personal life is OFF LIMITS to your comments, opinions or questions.

Who I REALLY am?? Who do you think I am?? We've obviously not met, I guess you didn't take time out of your sad little life to go to the memorial??

Thanks Lisa and everyone else! This person should bugger off.... I swear it must be Mary Mc Con Vile though!!


Anonymous said...

Once again may I remind you Amanda has taken up the cause when and ONLY when she became aware of Jeffrey's situation. I too only became aware of Jeffrey's death and the details when the trial began. My taxes paid the lawyers to fight(sucessfully) for publication ban on the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing. Since Amanda was not privy to what was going on in that house of horrors she was not in a position to take up this cause until 2005. Since she did not personally view Jeffrey dying a slow and agonizing death she could do nothing. If, however she was aware of what was going on I can assure you this would have been reported long before Jeffrey died.

Amanda does not need nor want a pat on the back.

The ones taking up the fight with CCAS and CAS (prior to Jeffrey's death)have a cross to bear, at least for the most part. These are the same people who have had children taken away etc. If not who are you? Expose your name and cause--after all if you have nothing to hide why not.?

I also suspect you donated NOTHING!!!!!!! You are probably a shit disturber trying to stir up more shit.

Either that or you are part of this fu--ed up dysfunctional family. They have no friends or "social circle" worthy of mentioning.

However the possiblility exists they have some loser followers. Perhaps they have some "cyber friends".

Whatever the case who cares. They are the misfits of society. They contribute nothing worthwhile.

ps: Amanda keep up the good work. I, like many others, support you 110%.

Anonymous said...


You have shown considerable patience in not removing the "Mary McConville" posts. It's obvious this individual is only into their own sick mind games. He or she offers nothing of value to the dialogue - these posts should be removed and this person barred in future.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up Amanda....that's exactly what they want. Just ignore the comments...don't add any fuel to the fire. Delete the offensive commemts.
Keep up the great work!!!!

Thomas said...

Ahh once again the limited perspective removes opposing opinions... Perhaps this blog is not as open as I thought it....


Jeffrey's Law said...

Well Thomas, if you want to be open about everything, who are you? How did you find this blog? How are you involved in the Jeffrey Baldwin case? What are you doing to rectify the corrupt child welfare system? What do you think of Bill 210? Who have you contacted expressing your disdain for the system and how things are handled in the system?

I don't mind being open, but I'm not talking to a fake name....


Anonymous said...


I asked before but did not get a response. What do you think of Bill 210? Have you had any dealings with the Ombudsman on this topic?

Anonymous said...

I never knew Jeffrey.I pray for him every day.I wish I knew him so I could save him from the life of horror.Rest in peace little angel.Anna