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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am just finishing up my last semester as a Paralegal then off to work! I am hoping to work for Legal Aid Ontario so I can help families, especially those with children. I will keep you updated.

If you want to see Greenwood Park with Google satellite, google the park. Use the satellite feature and zoom in. The bench is amid a cluster of yellow bushes, close to Gerrard Avenue. There is a pretty trellis in front of it and it looks onto the children's splash pad. I will be going there soon and will post new pictures.

About a year ago, I found out that James Mills, one of the adult's living in that house and who was playing video games the night Jeffrey died, had a son. The CCAS is not involved and as far as I know, have not been keeping track of these people. I sincerely hope I do not read about that child in the news. Though.. no one knew about (well, besides the government agencies, police and CCAS) Jeffrey until it was too late.

Keep watching for sorrow in small eyes...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for "doing something" for these beautiful children that deserve to be cherished, loved and cared for. It truly sickens me what humans are capable of doing to the innocent. The "CCAS" is definitely responsible for this Childs death especially when they took no responsibility for thoroughly checking these two sick people out and finally for not checking on his well being. I am so saddened by how he suffered....and I truly hope that those who were responsible suffer as all. I cannot forgive acts of violence against children. You are an angel and I truly hope that you will be able to help those children that need it...god bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating this story. I went to school with the three girls and my mother wouldn't allow me to spend time with them because she didn't trust their parents. Everyone knew that something was wrong with their situation but obviously no one came forward. I always admired Yvonne's spunk and am sorry to see this has happen.

Jes said...

Amanda, how do I contact you? I'd like to email you about a project I'm hoping to undertake. You'd be a valuable asset!

Anonymous said...

your passion is to be admired however you don't have enough information on the system and how it works to really speak on it. There is huge power on the court level and the CAS does not have close to the power you claim they do. I have had over thirty years in this system on all levels. If you really want to make a change..become a family court judge and inject some sanity into that role.

Child protection is a very difficult and complex issue.......nothing is what it seems on the surface.

I am looking forward to this inquest. This little life that was lost will mean something.

Lisa Burns said...

Thinking about you lately. Hope all is well. Proud of your latest accomplishments :D Keep up the good work girl, Lisa

Jae said...

Amanda, I also tried to email you. I need your advice on dealing with the morally bankrupt CCAS. They are endangering two beautiful children as if they have learned nothing from Jeffery's tragedy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

His mother is responsible for arranging the rape of the teenage daughters of Orange County.
I suspect he got an "early start" and there are numerous rapes of children under 14 in this case.
He was not an "innocent" young teenager.

doylemurphy said...

Therese RB here Amanda, how are you doing? Is there a private way we could communicate? Best wishes......

Shane said...

Hi to Christie,

(this is relevant to your article 2006, and I know i'm a little off topic with more recent posts-but I had to say...)
It is only last week , by accident , I found the sad tale of Jeffrey Baldwin whilst on ‘You-Tube’, and equally as sadly the story of ‘The Boy in the Box’ (USA), which I am sure you are also aware of.

These two stories, both of them quite old now and both of them both the same and different at the same time , have touched my profoundly.

I read an article you wrote in 2006 on the ‘Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Site’.

I live in Australia where naturally (or unnaturally) we have similar sad and evil situations too, but these two tales are just so very , totally and devastatingly sad. All the more so because they just did not have to be-the people who should have mattered-who should have held, loved, cared and protected these kids not only didn’t but somehow reduced themselves through their actions to something wholly not human.

I have no idea really why I am writing this to you, six years after your article, or even if you’ll receive it.

It’s not dinner table conversation.

You can’t just say “ I was on You Tube and saw Bla Bla Bla”.

On the Memorial Site I realized how attached to the sheer sadness of Jeffrey’s case and how much work and time you had evidentially put into it all to expose failings and force change.

I had a fairly unhappy childhood-but in no way abusive in the terms of Jeffrey-now I have a four year old boy and a ten month old daughter. We try our best, and provide well for them-they are happy, their beds are warm, their little tummies full ; they are loved.

Since reading about Jeffrey last week , I can’t but help thinking of him when I hug my own son, and what just one hug may have meant to him.

I am not a ‘fragile person’ or unbalanced person by any means , but reading of Jeffrey has made me so sad.

Every child has the same needs, wants and dreams, and it is just so unfair how fate decides and administers its hand.

Some children have no opportunity, no chance.

You have stood up , stood out and called some good shots from what I’ve read on that website.

An old quote comes to mind; “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (or woman) to do nothing”.

Out of it , for me , I have decided to make sure I use Jeffrey’s sad life as an inspiration to love and provide for my own children as much as possible and to tell them daily that I love them.

I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this, which is ok (my wife gets too upset at this kind of thing) , and for all the work you do to ensure Jeffrey is remembered and that this doesn’t happen again , I guess I wanted someone to know that at least two children will be loved a little more because of Jeffrey’s sad life and cases like it.

And that in at least one house in Australia , he is also remembered.


Shane Tomkins.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

" don't have enough information on the system and how it works to really speak on it."

Educate me then. I strongly disagree with you. It's not that complicated. The CCAS dropped the ball and a little boy was tortured and died. What don't I understand?

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Michael E said...

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing Jeffrey's tragic story forward and being an advocate against the various "interests" as they line up against finding proper blame for this horrendous act. I hope that something tangible comes from the inquest.

Also, if anyone who reads this blog knows where Jeffrey is buried, I would like to know. Like in his life, I fear that this little boy's grave isn't properly maintained and I would like to make sure it is going forward.

Many thanks and blessings

ZV said...

Michael E,
I read in the comments on some of the past discussions that Jeffrey was cremated. The Greenwood Park memorial was built as a place for people to pay respect to Jeffery.

Todd Boyce said...

Hi Amanda, I hope you still check this site periodically.

It is a beautiful memorial site you have created in Greenwood Park. I really admire what you have done to ensure little Jeffrey is never forgotten.

I would like to add to it with what I hope will be a successful fundraising campaign.

There have been a couple of articles published recently about it, most notably the Toronto Star.

If you are interested at all in participating, I'd love for you to be involved.

Here is the link to the Toronto Star article:

Below is the link to the fundraiser.

Warm regards
Todd Boyce

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It has been 13 years since Jeffrey Baldwin past away. I have just recently been able to read all I can get my hands and what he went through breaks my heart every single day. I think of him every day.
How on earth did this happen? Why not one single person did a god damn thing to help him is so unreal to me. It is very difficult to understand how people, family members in this case, just sat by and watched it happen. What the hell is wrong with you people?! How could you just live in the same house and do NOTHING!! I am not referring to other members that may or may not have been aware, I unfortunately cannot find enough proof to suggest you knew. With that being said, however, there was one article that said Richard’s mother was finally allowed to see her grandkids and she only spent 15 minutes in the house because it was too sad to be there. What was sad, did you see anything out of the ordinary? Richard and Yvonne knew and they just let it happen?! How do you even associate with them now?
I am not only laying blame on the adults living in the hell hole that was Jeffrey’s home, but also on the CASS. I cannot, to this day understand how they were not found criminally responsible. Why is it that some social workers have the competency to perform proper background checks and some do not? They claim it’s a policy issue, I say it’s a lack of compassion and the desire to just get a paycheck without having the understanding of where they are placing children. Laziness and complete lack of respect sums it up for me.
I have read many articles, many Facebook posts, but I have yet to see the video ‘Failing Jeffrey’. I don’t know if my heart can handle it. I have spent many hours crying for a child that has long since passed on, a child I never knew even existed, but mark my words, if I knew anything of what was going on in that house, you would find me fighting for that little boy and getting him the medical attention and love that he deserved. No child should ever be treated as inhuman, like an animal, a ‘pig’ in this case. It’s absolutely disgusting and what really pisses me off is that Norman and Elva are probably living the life in jail. Carefree, free rent, free food, living off of hard working tax payer’s money. And what about the other adults that knew what was going on, what are they doing today? Do they have jobs, or are we paying for them on the free ride of social assistance!? They all deserve to rot in an unheated room with no access to the bathroom, no food, no fresh air and no blankets, they should be made to sleep with no pj’s, just like they did to Jeffrey and every day they should be hit with a mop if they don’t clean up their shit fast enough. That would be justice for Jeffrey because as far as I’m concerned he has had no justice.
I would like to know how his siblings are doing. Do they still think of Jeffrey? Now that they are older and understand a lot more than they did as young children, what do they think of when they think of him? Do they have any contact with either side of the family?

Anonymous said...

And >>>>
And the other question, what are the other adults, including Richard and Yvonne doing today? Do they have regrets of not helping their son? Do they feel guilt, do they have any remorse? One Facebook post from Richards cousin said he tried to do all he could to help Jeffrey, and that we, the public should butt out of family business. What I ask, did he do to try and help Jeffrey? Why the hell did he not take him to the hospital, or take a photo of him and bring it to the police right away? How do you live with yourself knowing you could have done something to save your child’s life, but chose to do nothing! How do you sleep at night? How do you go on every day knowing that you played a part in killing your son? The doctors said he must have suffered greatly near the end. Does his memory haunt you? Does his face haunt you? It does for me and I didn’t even know him.
There were too many opportunities to save Jeffrey if any of you had the compassion and capacity to love outside of yourself, but it doesn’t appear any of you have that kind of compassion. Even teenagers in the United States managed to report a starving 9 month old baby. They found him in a trailer park home, they thought something wasn’t right and they reported it. Teenagers who had the wherewithal and knowledge to know that something was not right. They saved that babies life. What the hell was wrong with all of you? Why couldn’t you get passed your own selfishness and do something to help Jeffrey!?

Amanda R said...

Of course!