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Friday, December 01, 2006

Will this FINALLY rouse the public??

Subject: Auditor General Report
CBC: Ontario's Auditor General has found money the province provided for the protection of young children was misspent on expensive cars, meals and other perks for staff at some Children's Aid Societies. CBC News has obtained a final draft of the province's first value for money audit of Children's Aid which is to be released next week. The report looks at four of Ontario's biggest agencies in Toronto, York, Peel and Thunder Bay. The audit details the lack of controls on more than a billion dollars worth of taxpayers money that Ontario Children's Aid Societies spend every year, and as Margo Kelly reports, the Auditor also says the agencies aren't following the laws that protect children.

REPORTER: The Auditor's report contains disturbing details of misspent money. Several executives were given luxury vehicles including two SUV's worth more than $50,000. An employee had a staff car, but was also given $600 a month for the use of their own vehicle. One manager received a $2,000 a year gym membership and $650 every three months for a personal trainer. Numerous meals for child welfare staff at high end restaurants were expensed with no explanation. And the Auditor also questions expensive trips to the Caribbean, China and Buenos Aires.

MICHAEL DAVIS (Retired homicide detective): It's outrageous when you read it.

REPORTER: Retired homicide detective Michael Davis helped Ontario's Coroner review the deaths of hundreds of children who died while in the care of the Children's Aid. He's upset about the Auditor General's revelations about the lack of controls on hundreds of millions of dollars handed out to group and foster homes, and concerns that some services were never delivered.

DAVIS: Where is the paper trail with regard to the money that you're spending, the taxpayers money that you are spending, and...but where is the Minister in this?

REPORTER: Other findings illustrate how the societies aren't following the law to protect children. In one-third of cases reviewed, initial visits to children at risk were late by an average of three weeks, some children weren't seen at all. In the cases reviewed 90 per cent of the plans meant to keep children safe weren't completed as required and some were 10 months late. The Auditor asks why government funding for Ontario's Children's Aid Societies has more than doubled over six years, while the number of families served increased by only 40 per cent. The Children's Aid Societies have refused to comment, but CBC News has learned that the agencies have hired a public relations firm to help managed the damaging news. In their words - to preserve the reputation of Children's Aid Societies and their leaders. Margo Kelly, CBC News, Toronto.

Thursday, November 30, 2006 8:24:57 AM


Lisa said...

What a surprise, not. This was not new news really think about it how come all these kids are dying and there is no one to answer for it beause of corruption and the thieves that are running the system, just look at what Mary Mcconnivile was driving when the reporter confronted her, just drive by any office there and you will see what our tax money pays for. Great to see you back Amanda, I hope your in for the long fight, I am.

Anonymous said...

Lexus, Cadillac Escalades... exotic trips to the Caribbeans, wining and dining in the best restaurants...sounds like a Holywood life style! The only thing missing is Paris Hilton and Britney Spears tagging along... but no, this is our government funded Children's Aid Societies! Unaccountable, arrogant and out of high on the hog!
How can any fair minded person think there are enough checks and balances in the system?

Anonymous said...

Although the newly formed Child and Family Service Review Board has been established as a type of oversight body designed to ensure the adequacy of the services of Ontario's Children's Aid Society's, this body continues to lack any real jurisdictional powers over the CAS. I have recently been made aware by the Child and Family Services Review Board that even after a hearing of their panel that includes a finding that the CAS has provided substandard care, the Review Board can only make a "recommendation" to the Society. There is still no onus on Children's Aid Society's in Ontario to comply with any recommendation or directive of the Child and Family Services Board. In addition, local Children's Aid Society's have cleaverly acquired a new tactic in order to avoid accountabilty. The Child and Family Services Review Board cannot hear matters that are before the courts. Acordingly, local Children's Aid Society's can now ensure matters remain "before the courts" in contravention of "the Rules of Law" under the guise of "in the best interest of the child" in order that they are never held accountable for professional misconduct or unethical practice while a child is under the age of 16 or in some cases 18. There is currently a matter involving the daughter of a Police Officer who has battered an abused his child for years. The involved Children's Aid Society continues to leave the child in the care and custody of this police officer despite countless dsiclosures by the child that she has been battered and abused by this officer and his current wife, (who, by the way, is a supervisor with a local Children's Aid Society). It appears that local Children's Aid Society's do not even possess a protocol that deals with child victims of Police Perpetrated Domestic Violence. I have been informed that it is the job of the local Police Service to arrest and charge CAS employees for criminal negligence if a child continues to be neglected and battered while in the care of, or under the supervison of, the Children's Aid Society. It will be interesting to see who gets arrested in this case. Will it be the Police Officer who beat his daughter, or the Supervisor with the Children's Aid Society who watched the Police Officer beat his daughter and did nothing...or will it be the Children's Aid Society Worker assigned to the case that is denying the officer is an abuser despite the child disclosing she is being exposed to physical violence, humiliation, emotional degradation, police corruption, pornogrpahy and cocaine..."Never stop fighting for your daughter!." "Whatever you do, do not let this one go!"

Anonymous said...

When I read some of the stories I feel sick in my stomach. I know we need to do something for the welfare of all the children in this country. I am writing a book regarding CCAS and CAS. If you have a story you will like to share please contact me @
Thanks and I do hope to hear from you.