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Saturday, May 20, 2006

To all:

I am still away at school and haven't read the blog for so long until today. I don't encourage hate or nasty comments, I don't like that people use what is supposed to be an open forum to discuss idea's and feelings about C/CAS, Jeffrey, child care, etc., to vent their problems or attack each other. I probably won't have the chance to read this again for another month.

John, thank you for all the work you are doing. Believe me, it is frustrating and hard to try and fight the 'machine'. I got sick of slamming my head into a brick wall whenever I dealt with Mary Anne Chambers or Mary McConvile! Don't get consumed!! You WILL burn out and your family will suffer because you're so busy. The absolutely must be a joint effort from everyone who wants change, one person CAN NOT do it alone.

Hope everyone is well, take care,


Anonymous said...

Amanda brings up a good point. Burn out. When I first learned of the details of this case (briefly remember hearing of Jeffrey when he first died) from an article written by Nick Pron in The Toronto Star in January I became almost obsessed. I searched the internet and read as much as I could about the case and the related topics. My husband commented on how different I was. At that time he didn't know that all I could think about was Jeffrey and it consumed me. My searches on the internet led me to this blog and I am thankful. The blog has given me a place to relate with people that have some of the same feelings as me. It has also helped me to focus my anger into something productive like writing letters to support the Ombudsmans oversight etc. It is definitely important that we stick together. I look forward to meeting some of you at the plaque memorial this summer.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster: Why don't you also meet up with us at the new rally on May 30? That is another way to stick together and support the cause.

Otherwise, to everybody: I am sorry to say, but I disagree with Amanda's point of view to a large extent. Only becaue it is defeatist. While I agree it is difficult for one person to get everything done, it takes at least one person to get something done and instigate change.

That is why I do not see the point of giving up even if I am the only one aside from John and another person, who are committed enough to hold up signs and rally, and who will do so again on May 30.

I do not think it a satisfactory answer to throw in the towel on something worthwhile because the masses are lazy and ignorant. They always will be and no good result is every easy to achieve. I do think that even a small number of people together can effect change and I continue to believe we will.

That said, the forgoing is not meant to dissuade anyone else from joining us in fighting the good fight, rather I ask you all to reconsider your negative attitudes and keep pushing for positive change. It is too easy an answer to say I alone cannot do something so I give up. If each person believed that they could do something, then everyone would be taking up action and a larger group would be coming together.

GET OUT ON MAY 30 for our rally at the sentnece pronouncement hearing from 8:30 a.m. on, show that you really care and believe in making a difference!!! Little Jeffrey and all children are counting on you.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Amanda is just throwing in the towel. But like me you realize that you cannot go "all out" continuously because you will burn out. Amanda has gathered people together and if we stick together we will have the opportunity to make some changes but this will not happen over night. It we really want to see changes we will have to be in this for the long haul. But to John you have to try to get back to some normalcy in your life but you don't have to give up. It is the whole life balance thing.

Tara said...

I think part of the frustration comes from the fact that nothing will change over night but nothing will change at all if people don't get involved. There were 3 of us at the rally and that shocked and saddened me profoundly. Apathy is worse than hate in my opinion. I'm so afraid that Jeffrey's case will become just a memory that people will comment on with'...oh yes, wasnt that horrible....the poor child" and life will go on. How many times does this child have to be completely and utterly abandoned.

Mary McConville said...

I gather the removal of the picture symbolizes that Christie is done with this story. Because of Jeffrey and the bungling of the Toronto CCAS, every grandparent who tries to take in their grandchildren will be painted with the same brush as the Bottineau and Kidman clan.

Good job, Christie! No wonder Christie that you are alone with no children.

It is amazing to me how such gross negligance and incompetence ends up bringing you a pot of gold.

Anonymous said...

NO there was 5 of us at the rally holding signs where did you get 3?

Lisa said...

I know when I showed up there was John and 2 women. After the court let out the same 3 people myself and Elayne (Jeffreys cousin) held them up. I hope to see more out this time around.

Anonymous said...

How are people managing to get so much time off of work? I would love to attend all of the rallies but it is impossible for me to get that much time off of work, let alone any personal comittments with the kids.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster: why do you not try coming to at least one rally on May 30 for one hour of your day... out of 365 days in the year, that is not a lot of time, put it in perspective!

It is laziness talking.

I will bet that you find time to watch lots of TV or read comics or something like that. Take some time away from the boob tube, get your behind off the couch and do something positive!

Anonymous said...

Hi i would be really like to take part in the rally.Could you give me some more information about it.Where,when,how long etc,etc.My name is Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Tracy: come out May 30 at 8:30 a.m. at the courthouse 361 University Avenue, Toronto, we will have signs in hand at the outside entrance to the courthouse. The hearing starts at 9:30 a.m. and after it concludes we will rally again outside, hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

If indeed that was mary mcconville posting that comment, then only she would be ridiculous enough to bash christie blatchford for taking down poor jeffreys pic. why dont you get off the blog mary and try reading some of the files sitting around at the ccas so no more children have to be tortured to death.
i had jeffreys picture on my desktop, fridge and xeroxed around my house, i took some down because it breaks my heart to look at him and know what hell he endured day after day after day......

besides this blog was meant to raise awareness about the ccas and jeffrey and to hopefully get people involved etc. oh and by the way mary, you aren't a public agency, youre privately run so why did u say on the fifth estate that u were a public agency??? lie much.

Anonymous said...

Okay this site has become very funny.

First and foremost I doubt if Mary Mcconville is posting on this site---it is somebody's idea of humour.

Secondly---read comics???? I have'nt done that in years!! Nor do I know of any adults sitting on their behinds reading comics???? In fact I cant even think of any kids I have seen reading comics.....

FROM: Al E. Font

Anonymous said...

That's why people don't come out saying that they sit around and read comic's come on now!!Who would want to go to a rally with people like that.People do have children that are #1 in our lives and we can't take off work there are other things we can do. The media didn't even care for the signs I think it's to late.Goodluck to those who have time!

Anonymous said...

So I am lazy. Holding down a full time job and having two children to take care of doesn't matter. Add to the fact that most nights I don't sit and watch TV I am on the internet helping Amanda manage this blog, writing letters to various parties regarding this case and bill 88 and researching other avenues that can be pursued when it comes to child welfare issues. Also, watching TV or reading at night has nothing to do with attending rallies. All of the rallies happen during the day and during the week. In order for me to attend a rally I would need to take the entire day off of work. Oh yeah, I also have a Father that needs me to take him to Toronto for doctors visits that require me to take those days off of work.
I asked a sincere question and that is the response that I get.

Anonymous said...

As I have said time and time again attacking credible people is what this blog has become. Probably those on the attack have yet to attend any rallies etc themself.

I know what it is like looking after a family member, 2 children and holding down a full-time job--I did it myself for years until my health failed. It isnt easy. I too had an employer who would not give me time off for a rally--I too would have lost my job if I attended.

I would ignore those ignorant comments--perhaps those who have called you lazy (someone they dont know) should look in the mirror themself. I believe I may have met you at one of the events held for Jeffrey--I think I spoke to you and you live near the park?

Anonymous said...

To the last poster, no you do not know me and I do not live near the park.

I too hold a full time job with heavy demands and have child rearing responsbilities.

I do know that where there is a will there is a way, and that saying "I do not have the time" is the easy way out for something so important.

I do believe it is laziness and apathy talking.

To the poster who said the media did not care for the signs, you are a waste of space. A lot of time, care and trouble by someone who truly cares about the issues went into making them and I would not blame that person one bit if he told you to shove it.

One hour of the day would not kill anyone nor cause them to lost their job. The hyperbole employed is ridiculous.

I bet if you thought about the number of hours you spend watching videos, movies and tv, you would figure out why you have "no time".

Make time.

Lisa Burns said...

Okay, stop this. This is suppose to be a site for adults, not children. The sings were wonderfully done, in with a whole hearted effort they were displayed. I too have 4 children and I work and also take care of 2 elderly grandparents, etc... I still found some flexable time for this, but not everyone can. I understand financially not everyone can afford to, you can't expect it. SO people lay off. It's always appreciated when you do come out and rally for what you believe in, but then there is some that can't come but will make an effort for people to hear about the injustice done to Jeffrey and what needs to be done. Sometimes whats happening in the background is more effective then the in your face kind of things. Please refrain from being hostile on this site, this is for people who want to protect children and for people who are trying to make a difference in child protection. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Well put Lisa--I have been asking for the bashing to stop also as have many others.

Nothing is being accomplished in this blog.

Anonymous said...

To the poster that says going to the rallies is the same as watching tv and playing video games. How many people are skipping out of work during the day to stay home and play video games and watch tv?

Anonymous said...

As Lisa says the rallies alone are not going to make the difference. There is a combination of things that will need to be done to really make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Like it or leave it ---THE MEDIA PAID ABSOLUTELY NO ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS. That is no reflection on the persn who made them and did his best for something he believes in. He has no control over what the media wants to air or put in the newspapers.

As for taking time off work--it is easier said than done for most people. If you are self-employed or freelance it is different. Most employers will not give time off for rallys. They have a business to run is the common line and most people are replaceable.

What people do in their spare time is none of your damn business!

Lisa Burns said...

OKay , this issue is done, move on or get off. I think the true issue has been forgotten. This is about the lost children in control of monsters. This is about what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Please get over the rude comments and move back in to the mode of Justice for Jeffrey. I hope that the ones who can show up on the 30th will, and the ones who can't please do tell people what happened to Jeffrey and what needs to be done to prevent this ( bill 88)from happening again. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. Lisa

John E. Caswell said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John E. Caswell said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John E. Caswell said...

John E. Caswell said...
Regarding Rally on May 30th

I’ll be there in or about 8:30AM on Tuesday and hope that more of us will decide to make it out for a little while. I’ll be in the courtroom when it convenes to witness the sentencing.

If you can come out great – look forward to meeting you – if you can’t but you’re supporting us by way of your thoughts, comments and discussion on the blog – we appreciate that as well, and understand that a rally on a regular business day doesn’t easily fit into everyone’s schedule. I know it’s cost me a couple holidays and made for a lot of catching up in the office – some of which I still have to catch up on – and the parking is ridiculous.

Even though the media did not air or write about our attendance at the rally – they did take footage of us and the signs we carried. I made a statement on camera (I was very nervous), as well as did the others. The media did pay attention to us, and may have paid more attention to us if there were more of us out there. Regardless I’m glad I went. I was also able to commandeer a few people from the street to take a moment out of their day to stand with us for 10mins, 30 min, or more to carry a sign and support the call for “No more dead children” and the passage of bill 88. The media is the lowest cost way for us to spread our message to a vast audience – it mainly only cost us our time.

I would say however that this last day of court would be one of our last major chances to cash in on possible media coverage as an aid to spreading awareness of the plight of children like Jeffrey. After this – we’ll be waiting for the inquest or potentially out at the June 20th Rally at Queens Park. There after I fear this blog will slow down somewhat as everyone moves on with their lives.

For those who have not given up or would like to still work together I too would like to continue beyond what this blog can accomplish. I’m glad I came upon it, and I too have met some great people. I would like to continue doing so.

So I am willing to register, host and build a website founded in the memory of Jeffrey Baldwin as a launching point to gather with each other and work together to build something that is able to effectively make changes in our society that will ensure that there are no more dead children, abused or neglected children, especially in the care of children’s aid agencies. I think we need an organization to accomplish this.

In the event that I have the opportunity to make reference to a website via the media – I will make reference to for the time being until something more permanent is established – I just don’t want to pass up the opportunity on May 30th should it present itself.

There are those who have suggested that they would like me to contact them or are willing to work together as well – I am seeking you out – I would like to participate with you.

I can be reached via email – or Cel: 416-904-8095

Beyond that – look forward to seeing you – if you are willing and can afford the time – on May 30th 361 University Ave. Toronto. 830 AM to 9:30 AM and then following the end of sentencing.

Remember it’s for Jeffrey Baldwin and all our children.

Thanks, John

Morgan said...

The media did notice the signs and rallies. It may not have been the forefront of their reporting, but it did not go unnoticed. Yes, rallies are not going to change things right away, but it's a start. The media has reported Jeffrey's story, now it's our turn take action. Let's not get sidetracked off the topic of justice for children. We all need to do what we can, when we can, and never stop until all children are protected. It's now in our hands to speak for Jeffrey and others.

Anonymous said...

Did the losers and get sentenced?? Finally ?? I have not heard word ?? Please let me know. Thank you

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All my life I naively believe that CCAS or CAS was there for the protection of children only. I am totally ferious after little Jeffrey's death that CCAS continue to ingnore sign of neglect, and punish and harass people if they dare filed a complaint.A little boy was neglect with proven evidence. I wrote so many letters to various public servants. Do they care? No! How many more children do they need in a body bag before they do something.